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Locksmith company brings more options to residents

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Greg Foote is an honest man, and you’d believe that even if you never met him before because Foote is a locksmith. As the new locksmith in town, Foote has plenty of Park City experience. He can get into almost any car, even as technology for car keys changes. Even if it was 3 a.m. in the middle of a snow storm. He knows how to repair, re-key and install, from standard to high-grade locks.

"People may think it’s just helping people locked out of their car and re-keying homes," Foote said, "but it’s so much more than that."

Foote recently created the company, DV Lock & Key.

"After being in St. George for a while, I had to get back to Park City," Foote said. "This is where I’m from and this is the perfect place for this kind of business."

With a collective 42 years living in Park City and nine years in the business, Foote has seen a little bit of it all.

Foote has actual rescue stories from the job. Maybe a homeowner was enjoying a quiet night in the hot tub of an upper level deck, only to realize the back door blew shut and they were suddenly locked out, in the cold, dripping wet, without any clothes. Maybe a driver lost a key on the mountain after a day of skiing only to realize the fact as the weather started to turn. Whatever the tale, Foote was able to get people back into their cars and homes.

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"You might not need a locksmith every day," Foote said, "but when you need one, you really need one."

"When people are locked out, if you can get them in they’ll be happy," he added. "That’s my job satisfaction."

And finding someone to be there is harder as the profession becomes more specialized with the changing technology. In the 1980s when Foote said he was just starting to learn about locksmithing, he carried four or five tools that would open 95 percent of cars. That’s not the case for today’s locksmith. Now there’s 25 tools, a booklet that shows how to open all the different car models and a working knowledge of computers.

"I don’t think there will ever not be a need for locksmiths," Foote said. "A lot of stuff is progressing, moving toward computerized technology, but that means locksmiths will just have to progress."

DV Lock & Key is the second locksmith company in Park City, giving locals and visitors a much-needed second option, Foote said. Before that, the second option may have been a locksmith from Salt Lake City, which would have meant higher prices and more time spent waiting out in the cold.

"People need to have options," he said. "That’s where I step in. I offer people that option."

"I’m friendly and I’m happy to come out and I’m reasonably priced," Foote added. For now, the business is mobile and operates 24 hours a day Monday through Sunday, but Foote said he hopes to open a shop soon.

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