Luxury dog spa opens |

Luxury dog spa opens

Kelly Evertsen, Of the Record Staff

Sheri Arsenault says she believes every dog deserves special treatment.

"I love dogs," she said. "My dog had pretty intense surgery on her back four years ago. She was definitely my inspiration."

Arsenault recently opened a doggy spa called "Doginhaus" on Rasmussen Road. The building functions as a dog kennel, daycare center and full-service spa for Parkites’ furry loved ones.

"The last few years, I’ve been traveling the country seeing similar facilities," Arsenault said. "We try to be really comprehensive."

Arsenault worked with chemists and holistic veterinarians to create a line of dog spa products. These products, which include various shampoos and paw balms, are made of completely herbal extracts and oils, sold in 100 percent recycled bottles.

Arsenault said she thought of the idea to create a line of dog spa products after she traveled in different climates with her dogs.

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"Through the process, I was traveling with my dogs and each area affected them differently," she said.

The shampoos coordinate with different climates, including costal, mountain and urban.

Arsenault also developed a pad balm for dogs, with mango butter, shea butter and bees wax, to heal dogs’ cracked paws.

"I have a team of certified experts that make them," she said of her products.

Doginhaus features a massage room for dogs, where Arsenault said certified animal therapists work with dogs. It also contains washing station, grooming station and exercise room with an underwater treadmill.

The spa also functions as a dog kennel. There is one penthouse for dogs who need "extra comfort" and care, Arsenault said. The penthouse features a couch with pillows and a large flat screen TV and DVD player.

The rest of the 38 kennels contain platform beds with comfortable bedding made of micro suede. The floors are epoxy-coated with a draining system. Each kennel has scratch-resistant panels and plexi-glass doors. All of the kennels feature flat-screen TVs. Arsenault said there is soft lighting and soothing music playing in the kennels continually.

Doginhaus also features 6,000 square feet of dog-run space, with a 3,000-square-foot yard made of indoor "canine grass," synthetic grass made of recycled glass Coke bottles. Dogs boarding at Doginhaus are able to play on this synthetic yard inside the building. The other 3,000 square feet of the dog run is outside in a gated area.

The indoor yard features a drainage system, which the Doginhaus staff sprays down everyday. Arsenault said the space contains an air filtration system that exchanges the air 10 to 12 times per hour, to keep the facilities extra clean and sanitary, she said. The building will also soon have an alarm system installed.

"Safety and sanitation is really important to us," Arsenault said.

Doginhaus offers 24-hour on-site care for dogs that board there. Arsenault said there is one staff member for every 10 dogs and all of her staff are American Boarding Kennel Association certified. She said she is also hiring someone who is certified in First Aid and canine CPR.

The spa also features a dog bakery, where Doginhaus staff members daily bake fresh canine cookies, including peanut butter and honey cookies. They also ship in special dog treats from New Mexico "baked fresh to order," Arsenault said.

The spa sells various dog beds, toys, collars, leashes and accessories. Some of the bed brands include Haute Pooch and West Paw. West Paw makes mostly organic beds.

Nightly lodging rates are $40 plus $15 per additional dogs for the 4-by-6 foot studio kennels; $65 plus $10 per additional dogs for the 6-by-8-foot deluxe suite kennels and $80 plus $5 per additional dogs for the Penthouse.

Daycare rates, Monday through Saturday, are $25 for a full day; $15 for a half day (five hours or less); $115 for a pre-paid five-day pass and $215 for a 10-day pass.

Doginhaus also offers baths and brushing for animals who lodge or for pet owners who want to come in and bathe their animals in the facilities. The spa will soon offer grooming. For more information, visit or call 649-9222. Doginhaus is located at 2756 Rasmussen Drive, Building F. The spa is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.