Man charged in standoff |

Man charged in standoff

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

A 30-year-old Salt Lake County man faces charges in 3rd District Court after a standoff with officers about eight miles east of Oakley that ended peacefully Aug. 31.

The suspect, Christopher Cheney, also faces criminal charges in Salt Lake County, which means he cannot possess a gun, Summit County prosecutor Paul Christensen said.

"If you’re under an indictment, or information has been filed, but you have not yet been convicted, you’re not supposed to have a firearm under [state] statute," Christensen said in a telephone interview.

Cheney is also charged with a class A misdemeanor for possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault.

"Which is where you have a gun and you say you are going to shoot somebody," Christensen said.

Cheney is charged with a class B misdemeanor for making a threat against life or property.

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"He threatened to burn the cabin down that he was in," Christensen said.

Nobody was injured in the tense, afternoon standoff in Weber Canyon, said Ron Bridge, a Summit County Sheriff’s Office detective.

Cheney made threats to take his own life and destroy the remote cabin, Bridge said.

Cheney also made threats against any law-enforcement officers who responded to the area, according to Bridge.

Among several firearms taken from the cabin by deputies was a .22-caliber rifle Cheney had at the time of his arrest, Bridge said.

Hostage negotiators and the Sheriff’s Office Special Emergency Response Team were needed to diffuse the standoff, according to Bridge.

Meanwhile, Christensen said he doesn’t know what Cheney’s motive was for barring himself inside the cabin.

"The report does not give that indication," the prosecutor said.

Christensen said he isn’t sure if the felony charge he filed against Cheney will stick.

"That may not hold," Christensen said.

This week, Cheney was in the Summit County jail.

"I’m hoping that there will be certain restrictions if he is released from jail," Christensen said.

A roll call hearing in 3rd District Court is scheduled for Cheney Sept. 14.