Man extricated from trench collapse on Kearns |

Man extricated from trench collapse on Kearns

The man who was caught in the collapse of a trench at approximately 10 a.m. this morning has been rescued from the hole and was placed on a helicoper for transport to a Salt Lake Trauma Center. The accident occurred at the site of the tunnel being constructed at the intersection of Comstock and Kearns Boulevard.

According to Park City Police officer Phil Kirk, the victim, who was trapped until about 11:25 a.m. was conscious and breathing but Kirk did not have further information about the person’s injuries. Kearns Boulevard was closed in both directions between Comstock and Wyatt Earp to facilitate rescue efforts.

Park City Fire District battalion Chief Bob Evans explained that a 10-foot-deep trench had collapsed on the worker who was buried in dirt up to his waist.Rescue workers were busy rebuilding the wall of the trench using specialized planks and jacks to shore it up before they could enter the tunnel.

Evans said that when the man was pulled out of the tunnel he was complaining of severe pain in his lower body but did not have any apparent broken bones. He was moved across Kearns Boulevard on a stretcher and placed in a medical helicopter that was parked in the Treasure Mountain International School parking lot.