Man sentenced following hate crime |

Man sentenced following hate crime

Travis Gentry, 40, who was charged with assaulting two men on his property in South Summit County on Oct. 16, was sentenced on Oct. 29 to 120 days in the Summit County Jail and 18 months probation. Gentry pled guilty to the two counts of misdemeanor assault charges.

Gentry is also required to refrain from alcohol or illegal drugs, or associate with anyone using, possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, according to court reports. Gentry cannot make contact, either directly or indirectly, with the victims.

Gentry had allegedly asked the two men to help him load furniture into a moving truck. During the move, the victims went into Gentry’s shed to get out of the rain, according to the court report. Gentry entered the shed and began yelling and assaulting one of the men. When the other man tried to intervene, Gentry reportedly assaulted him as well.

When deputies arrived, they found Gentry yelling slurs at the victims regarding their sexual orientation. One of the victims had a laceration on his head requiring stitches, and the other had a bloody nose and mouth. Both of the victims’ faces were swollen and bruised.

Since 1991, Gentry has been arrested more than 40 times, with convictions of vehicular homicide, assault, felony criminal mischief, obstruction, possession of stolen property, forgery, fleeing, theft, drug possession and driving under the influence. He also has multiple probation violations.

There are pending charges in Summit County for third-degree felony burglary and theft related to another incident.

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