Marching to the beat of a new drum |

Marching to the beat of a new drum

Junior Grady Tesch relaxes after lugging around a large drum all morning. It is hard to believe that Park City High School’s newly reorganized marching band has only been practicing for 3 weeks in preparation for this week’s 4th of July debut.

Marching band directors Chris Taylor and Bret Hughes said, "We talked about getting a marching band together in March, and the past three weeks we’ve been able to put together practices every morning." Forty-five kids ranging from 8th graders to seniors have been practicing at 8 a.m. every morning this summer in preparation for their first show.

The majority of the musicians are excited about the project. Tesch explained he wanted to join marching band because of "his passion for music." He added that the most important part of being in a marching band is, "playing with the other players," and maintaining fluency within the band when marching and playing at the same time.

Scott Silverstein, a bass drummer, casually describes his 35-pound drum as, "a little hard on the shoulders." Silverstein said he wanted to "experience something different on an instrument other than just playing sitting down."

Senior August Simmons, the band’s drum major will lead the marching band down Main Street on the Fourth. He said that his role is to, "make sure everything stays together." Though he stated with a laugh that the band directors coaxed him into taking the job, he has come to love it.

"We are working hard for a fun goal (4th of July parade.)" Simmons says that he especially enjoys being, "the leader of the pack," along with the "groovy outfits" that he looks forward to wearing in the parade.

Taylor’s main reason for getting a Park City High School marching band together is, "seeing another school marching in our parade every year made me realize that its time to start our own." He said the hardest part has been, "battling the other school activities," like football, and cross country that take up a lot of the students’ time during the summer.

His goal though is to get "bigger and better," and to, "raise awareness of the Park City High School band community."

When asked if the marching band will be performing at football games during the school year, Taylor explained that there are two types of marching bands; field and parade. The Park City High School marching band is a parade band. This summer they plan to participate local parades including the 4th of July and Pioneer Day parade. As for the football games, most of the marching band members are already in pep band, which is charged with stirring school spirit from the bleachers.

As for the future of the Park City High School marching band, Taylor describes the band as an "experiment" to build upon over the summer. In the meantime watch for the home team band in the Park City parade on Main Street this Sunday.

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