Maren Bargreen is "Woman of the Year" |

Maren Bargreen is "Woman of the Year"


Earlier this month, the Park City Women’s Business Network selected Gallery Mar owner Maren Bargreen as Woman of the Year.

The organization chooses a theme to help recognize amazing women in Park City’s business community. This year’s theme was "Up and Coming." They were seeking out rising stars women who were making a difference and were expected to continue doing so in the years to come.

Even though nominees don’t have to be heads of businesses, this year’s winner is. Bargreen will celebrate her company’s 18-month anniversary this week.

She’s only 27 and has been working on Main Street in powerful roles since age 22 under the tutelage of Susan Meyer at the Meyer Gallery.

She said the experience prepared her for entrepreneurship.

"The transition to owning and operating my own business was a very smooth one and I had incredible support, resources, and inspiration from other female business owners," she said.

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She only took one business class in college, but said she loves that part of her job and constantly reads books and articles to "up" her business prowess.

It’s also in her blood.

"My great-grandfather, grandfather, and father have all been small-business owners," she said. "I’m fairly particular and always knew that I would run my own business from an early age. I just had to figure out what type, and when I discovered the world of fine art, it was a perfect fit."

Bargreen said she’s weathered the recession by operating on a lean budget, and added she isn’t too worried because for many people, art is a necessity.

"There are always going to be people who have to, need to, have beautiful works in their life," she said. "The feedback that I get from my clients is the most empowering."

Bargreen said she’s honored to be called an "up and coming" member of the community.

"I’m proud of my achievements and have worked diligently to get the gallery to this point," she said. "There is always more to aspire to and achieve. My artists and clients expect and deserve the best from me every day and it’s my job to exceed their expectations every time."

She indeed has big ideas for the future: the long-term plan is to open more MAR galleries in other states.

She added that she’s learned to support a community before expecting support from it. Bargreen said she has contributed to, volunteered for and served in several Park City non-profit groups including the board of the Historic Main Street Business Alliance.

"I open up my gallery for non-profits to host events, at no cost to them, to better utilize the gallery space and give back. It’s my goal to host at least one a month, and I’m proud to say that so far I’ve met that goal," she said.