Marketplace: A different kind of dentist office opening soon |

Marketplace: A different kind of dentist office opening soon


James Abraham II recently moved to Park City from Las Vegas and is starting a practice at Kimball Junction that aims to make a statement.

There are not a lot of things a dentist office can do to stand out from the competition; they fix people’s teeth in a comfortable and affordable way. Abraham aims to change that. His practice will be an eco-friendly dental spa.

The paint on the walls is low-VOC, sterile cloth will be used for patient bibs and storing tools instead of paper and plastic. All the equipment, from the chairs to the drills, is refurbished. Patient information and billing will all be paperless. Vacuum pumps are waterless, saving 24,600 gallons per year per unit that’s 570 bathtubs worth, he explained.

Sterilization will be done with steam instead of harmful chemicals. X-rays will be digital (which exposes the patient to 95 percent less radiation and doesn’t use lead foil or silver-dissolved chemicals.

The flooring will be bamboo or carpet made from eco-friendly or recycled fibers, said Dawnetta Abraham. The office will host "living walls" full of plants that purify the air. Lighting will be fluorescent and all appliances will meet "Energy Star" standards.

Even the Silver Mountain Sports Club building uses geothermal heating and cooling, he said.

Going to such extremes is nothing new in Europe. The U.S. has been slower to catch on to these practices, he said.

"Dentist offices produce huge amounts of waste and there are a lot of them," he added.

It’s important to their family because, coming from the Las Vegas area, they saw firsthand the environmental effects of irresponsible practices, Dawnetta said.

Being eco-friendly also supports the practice’s second mission: to provide a spa-like atmosphere for patients.

"There’s a synergistic calming effect," he said. "Our purpose is patient comfort."

The lobby is designed to give every patient maximum financial and diagnostic privacy. It will be filled with natural light and pleasant smells with access to a deck with views of the Basin.

Once in the chair, patients’ hands will be treated to a paraffin wax treatment or a salt scrub. The head and face will be massaged which helps staff screen for oral cancer and also releases tension and prevents clenching that can damage teeth.

Lip therapies will be applied during and after the mouth is stretched for dental work. Eye pads can be worn to give eye muscles a massage during examinations as well.

Soon patients will also be offered coffees, teas, juices and fruits on the patio after their treatment to decompress next to a water feature.

An anesthesiologist has been contracted to provide sedation during procedures. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Mobley will sublease to perform treatments in empty examination rooms. In the future a masseuse will likely be contracted as well to make the office a comfortable place to receive several types of treatments, Dawnetta explained.

The spa services are not added to justify a higher rate, Abraham emphasized. He aims to set prices to be competitive in the area.

Abraham also said he’s an expert in implants and sports dentistry including customized mouth guards.

Park City Dental Spa Open July 1

Dr. James G. Abraham II

1526 Ute Blvd., Suite 212

(above Silver Mountain Sports Club)


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