Marketplace: Ace High will get out your message |

Marketplace: Ace High will get out your message


Two long-time Park City designers have joined forces to create Ace High Printing, Design and Promotions.

It’s like the combination of a full-service print shop with a full-service marketing firm, explained Matt Sullivan, former design director for the United States Ski and Snowboarding Association, and advertising design director for Rossignol.

His business partner is Melissa Hyde, former art director and production director for a host of local companies, including The Park Record.

They can make business cards and print T-shirts. They can also design an entire advertising campaign and execute it. If a company wanted to send out a postcard mailer advertising a sale, they’d need to hire someone to design it, someone to print it, and someone to send them. Ace High can do all of that, she said.

" the time they hang up the phone, their job is done," she said.

Sullivan said their main selling point is that they are locals. They’ve worked and lived in Park City for a long time and understand the needs of businesses. Now, instead of working hard for other people, they’re working hard for themselves, Hyde added.

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"This is a culmination of all I’ve wanted to do," Sullivan said.

Another feature that gives them an edge is their technical experience. Sullivan paid his way through college with screen printing and plate-making. They know what machines do the best jobs for their clients, he said.

It’s like a melding of left-brain and right-brain talents. They know how to make something that looks good, and how to share it in a way that looks good, he added.

Ace High’s office is on the upper floor of the Jess Reid Building, but they don’t expect people to come to them. They pick up and drop off the projects for clients. The company will soon have a production office in Kamas to perform the printing.

By separating their functions, the company is able to maintain low overhead costs and charge competitive rates to clients. Their mobility also allows them to perform better customer service, Sullivan said.

"What makes us highly competitive is our philosophy that everyone deserves affordable design and good design," he said.

The two also think they have an advantage because they’re fun to work with. Their ideas are creative and both are good communicators.

"We’re looking forward to providing a service that Park City needs and using our personalities and skills to add something to this town. We do pick up and drop off and ask how your kids are," Hyde said.

"You can have two artistic people, plus two very technical people, plus two people well acquainted with the community," she said.

Sullivan said he’s looking forward to growing his business and employing people. Park City is a tight-knit community and he knows a lot of people from living and working here, but he’s never felt so much a part of it, he said.

Ace High Printing, Design and Promotions


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