Marketplace: AdvancedMD now open on Heber Ave. |

Marketplace: AdvancedMD now open on Heber Ave.


What’s better than having a successful, growing IT business that services the near recession-proof health care industry? Having an office in Park City, of course.

Draper-based AdvancedMD recently opened a second office in the Gateway Building at 136 Heber Avenue.

About half of the management staff for the company lives in Park City, and being able to offer them an office here to work from at least some of the time has been a boost to recruitment, said president and CEO Eric Morgan.

AdvancedMD began in 2002 with a staff of 18 and has expanded to employ over 200. It’s a "Software-as-a-Service" company that provides scheduling, billing and electronic health records software to small physician offices.

Major hospitals spend millions to "go paperless" as they’ve discovered improved efficiency, accuracy and savings with electronic records. The retail industry made the move decades ago and tracks inventory with bar codes.

But small doctor offices resist the change and fear the cost of transferring their records, Morgan explained.

But the Software-as-a-Service format allows them to subscribe to AdvancedMD’s product online for much less than buying a "package" to install and they can begin using it immediately, he said. Because it’s online, the physicians can access it from home, multiple offices, or even while on vacation.

Morgan joined the company in 2008 and said his ability to recruit good talent to its forces determines its speed of success. Park City has proved to be a valuable tool in that recruitment.

Everyone wants to live somewhere pretty, Morgan explained, but few resort towns offer the resources a major business needs to succeed. The Salt Lake Valley gives that to Park City residents in only a few minutes’ drive.

AdvancedMD can pitch Park City lifestyle and metropolitan access from its office here.

"I’ve lived in a lot of places Park City has all of the right ingredients," he said.

But even though the location on Heber Avenue is more of a satellite office and a company resource than a second location, Morgan said he wants the company to be a member of the Park City community.

"We want to be a part of the vibe for our employees it means a lot," he said.

Park City is filled with so many successful people from all over the world, it presents truly unique networking opportunities, he added.

AdvancedMD has thousands of clients all over the country. Because he benefits from what Park City can offer businesses, he supports efforts to improve that further.

While it’s the perfect community for many on his management team, the housing costs are too high for other employees. Morgan said he supports efforts to improve affordable housing. That helps companies expand.

Morgan said that, like many in town, he admires what Skullcandy has achieved. It and others provide evidence that businesses can be located here and see major success.

"Park City can market itself beyond being a resort town and having retail," he added.

Morgan said it’s an exciting time to be in his industry. The government’s health care reform included incentives to doctors to take their records digital.

"We have a good offering in a market on the cusp of a major transformation,’ he said.


136 Heber Ave. Suite 305

11781 South Lone Peak Pkwy, Suite 110


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