Marketplace: Attention to The Last Detail |

Marketplace: Attention to The Last Detail


It’s said that to be great in business you have to do what you love.

If that’s true, Anne Mastain and Renate Dalton are sure of their success.

Owners of The Last Detail, a Park City-based event-planning business that started last month, Mastain and Dalton are long-time friends who love to throw a bash.

Both have lived in town for years, and are well-known among friends and neighbors for the large and small soirees they throw in their respective homes.

Even though the business is new, Mastain and Dalton are not rookies. Dalton and her husband ran a similar business in Salt Lake City for years, and Mastain began arranging flowers, furniture and center pieces with her interior-designer mother at the age of eight.

"I have done this work party planning, flowers, linens, candlesticks all my life," Mastain said. "Renate and I have discovered a niche for a classic, detailed approach to event planning."

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The name of the business, The Last Detail, comes from a philosophy they both share that hosting a great event requires intense attention to detail.

"We’re primarily interested in focusing on one event at a time to give it total focus," Dalton said. "We want to be a specialized, special-attention type business."

Both said they’re committed to providing what clients want, but also emphasized that they’re fun and creative people who can suggest themes and ideas to make an event better. Both have been to fundraisers and celebrations that for one reason or another felt so stale that it was more like a business meeting.

Mastain and Dalton say they know what it takes to make a party magical because hosting is their favorite hobby.

"We are the farthest thing from commercial. We’re extremely individualistic and personal. It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about being creative, innovative and having interesting ideas," Mastain said.

Dalton said they’ll sometimes spend three and a half hours arranging tables because how people interact in the room is crucial.

"Our confidence comes from our love of entertaining, making people feel good in your house, making them happy," she said.

Hosting a successful event is more important than ever, Mastain said. Everyone has been hurt by this economy and people revel at the chance to get together in a positive atmosphere and enjoy the company of others.

Sometimes an event-planning business is limited by the kinds of props they can supply. Dalton and Mastain said they’ve both traveled all around the world and collected beautiful pieces of all kinds that they incorporate into their work.

They have the ideas, experience, connections and supplies to throw any kind of party whether it’s a formal, or Western-themed, she said. Why do "nice" when you can do disco or Mediterranean-style? Mastain asked.

The Last Detail is about carrying that theme through every aspect down to the napkins and nut dishes, she said.

"The long and short of it is we love doing this. We love people and we love good times," Dalton said.

Work done by The Last Detail was recently on display at The Silver Lake Lodge for the company’s debut event, Norwegian Outdoor Exploration Center’s gala fundraiser last Saturday.

The Last Detail

Anne Mastain and Renate Dalton