Marketplace: Atticus offers something different on Main Street |

Marketplace: Atticus offers something different on Main Street


Randy and Ericah Winzeler say they have heard many requests for more locals’ hangouts on Main Street places that are affordable and soulful.

Ericah’s family owns a business in New Mexico that couldn’t be more soulful, so the couple opened a second location this summer at 738 Main Street.

Atticus is a teahouse, bookstore, gift shop and café. It’s the kind of store that may take a while to fully digest.

It offers almost 70 varieties of unique teas from around the world served hot or cold, and a wide variety of tea supplies. Almost half the store is books two-thirds of which are used and trade-ins are accepted. Over 60 types of magazines are sold along with personal journals, eccentric gift cards, intellectual novelty items, handbags and glass art.

One corner hosts a stage for live performances, poetry readings and open-mic nights. The opposite corner will soon store fresh culinary herbs and spices as well as medicinal herbs.

Ericah’s sister Summer Sarinova is an herbalist and professional artist. The glass art is hers, as is a series of mosaics around the store. Most are made with recycled materials like mirrors and tiles. She also decorated the New Mexico store and has done numerous residential and commercial mosaics there.

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Ericah’s mother Cassandra Schiavone is the tea expert and original Atticus founder. She and the Winzelers also sell H&H bagels, bagel sandwiches, salads, cake, pastries and homemade cookies, pies and scones.

Coffee beans are purchased fresh every seven days from Millcreek Roasters in Salt Lake City, Randy said. The family is also working with the roasters to create their own blend to be sold from the store along with the tea leaves.

Some of the best sellers so far have been smoothies and frozen tea "frosts." Frozen hot chocolate and Khoi-Na, a rooibos red tea frost, have been the most popular.

The combination of all the offerings is what makes the store unique, and people have loved it so far, Randy said.

Atticus should be the kind of place where people want to spend time, Schiavone explained.

"It’s all about the ambiance," she added.

Randy said they’ve laid the store out so people can get in and out quickly before work or during a lunch break if they wish there’s a short-term parking stall right outside the front doors or they can lounge about and look at a few books.

"Come in for five minutes and grab a sandwich and coffee, or stay five hours," he said.

There are so many varieties of tea, Ericah recommends purchasing a tea tumbler and trying a different scoop every day. There’s white tea, a bubble-gum herbal tea for the young at heart, a Tennessee Williams-inspired Night of the Iguana chocolate chai, a Smokey Russian Caravan and herbal mate served traditionally in a gourd with a metal straw.

One of the most popular has been Genmai Cha made from green tea leaves, powdered green tea and roasted brown rice, Randy said.

One-third of the teas are rooibos or herbal and are naturally caffeine free, he added.

"It’s a fun, eclectic place," Ericah said.


738 Main Street, Park City


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