Marketplace: Deer Valley Grocery~Café opens Friday |

Marketplace: Deer Valley Grocery~Café opens Friday


One of the most anticipated improvements to Deer Valley Resort this season isn’t even on the mountain.

On Dec. 3 the Deer Valley Grocery~Café will open to serve hot, frozen and dry-packaged foods to skiers, lodging guests and Park City residents.

The inspiration for the grocery store and café came from numerous sources, explained Deer Valley food and beverage director Julie Wilson. One is that it’s an obvious location for a food purveyor.

"It’s an easy drive-by as people come to or leave the resort," she said. "None of the buildings around here have food facilities and there’s plenty of parking."

The Stew Pot, former occupants of the space, enjoyed good lunch business from people in Park City willing to drive an extra mile for something different. It also has wonderful outdoor seating making it especially popular in summer, she said.

For these reasons, Wilson said she was confident executive chef Jodie Rogers from the Empire Canyon Lodge and the Snow Park Lodge could recapture lunch-time diners.

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It’s also a convenient place for skiers to stop by on their way to the resort and quickly pick up ready-made, high-quality breakfast food, she said. With butter, fresh eggs, bacon and other morning sundries, the shop will serve as a grocery store for the hundreds of vacation homes in the lower Deer Valley and Solamere areas.

That same clientele has long requested Deer Valley Resort sell some of its signature dishes frozen so a family could take the meal back to their condo and have dinner in a more intimate setting, she said.

The store sells the raw ingredients to make a meal like baked bread, artisan cheeses and mustards plus cakes and cookies. But it also offers frozen enchiladas, pasta sauces, specialty pizzas, Mountain Macaroni, homemade sausages, cookie dough and homemade ice cream sandwiches, she said.

For people with time to come in and sit down for breakfast or lunch, the café seats about 40 inside and has small wi-fi lounge with couches and a flat-screen television. The kitchen makes fresh pastries, bagels and baguettes in the morning, and Deer Valley turkey chili, soups, stews, paninis, salads and more for lunch.

Much of the prepared food is from the restaurants at Snow Park Lodge and Silver Lake Lodge. The menus there are popular, but inconveniently located for people in a hurry or wanting to take food home, she explained.

Since the Grocery~Café is serving as a one-stop shop for Deer Valley residents and guests, it only made sense for it to offer alcohol, Wilson said. With a package store license, they can carry bottles of wine, beer and liquor for people to take home.

"We also have fresh hummus, salsa, homemade potato chips all that yummy snack stuff that goes with a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer," she said.

The coffee sold is Millcreek Coffee and most vendors are local.

"Everything is local, organic or high-end," Wilson said.

Deer Valley Grocery~Café

1375 Deer Valley Dr.


Open daily 7:30 a.m. 6:30 p.m. or later

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