Marketplace: FLOAT Park City offers new relaxation therapy |

Marketplace: FLOAT Park City offers new relaxation therapy

New business allows Parkites to meditate while floating

Kristie Buehner, owner and founder of FLOAT Park City, opened her doors in April. Patients float in a bath of salt in order to relieve stress.
(Carolyn Webber/Park Record)
FLOAT Park City 1755 Prospector Ave Suite 100, Park City, UT 84060 (435) 655-7243

At the end of a long work week juggling parent-teacher conferences, early morning meetings and an hour at the gym, it can feel good to let everything go. At FLOAT Park City, one can do exactly that.

The company, which specializes in float therapy, opened its first float pod in April and has already served hundreds of Parkites, said Kristie Buehner, owner and founder of FLOAT Park City.

“It ranges from high school kids that are super stressed about school and testing and have anxiety to people with brain injuries to elite athletes,” she said.

During a therapy session, a client enters the pod room and showers to remove natural body oils. They step into a 7’ x 5’ pod full of 93.5 degree Fahrenheit water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. They close the lid, insert ear plugs, adjust the lights and float in the buoyant water for one hour.

With the absence of phones buzzing or loud noises, clients can enter a meditative state in which their brain switches from beta waves, or the state of active consciousness ready to problem solve and engage with the world, to theta waves. Those theta waves boost creativity and relaxation. One hour of float therapy is equivalent to four hours of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, Buehner said.

“This is the easiest way to meditate,” she said. “All your stimulus is gone and you are in a complete zero gravity state. Lying on the water, there are no pressure points on your body. There is nowhere else in the world you can do that. So, everything kind of melts away.”

Cristie Frey, a therapist at Valley Behavioral Health, does a float session two to three times a month to relax and sooth her neck and shoulder pains. Frey focuses on healing both the mind and the body in her own therapy, and she has started referring her patients to FLOAT Park City.

“This is the ultimate experience for connecting mind and body,” she said.

According to Buehner, the magnesium in the Epsom salts also helps reduce stress, improve digestion, relieve insomnia, decrease blood pressure and relieve muscle pains or cramps.

“Even if you cannot get out of your monkey mind when you’re in there, you’re soaking in 1,000 pounds of the best Epsom salts on the planet. You’re going to get that benefit anyway,” Buehner said. “If you can have a good 15, 20 minutes, maybe even 60 minutes of rest? Yeah, everyone is a nicer human when they come out of this.”

She has heard many success stories from clients, such as real estate agents finding a “clean mind” after stressful bidding wars or a quilt designer who ran out of the room asking for a pen and paper because of all the ideas she had while floating. One customer talked about how the sessions helped relax her when she was pregnant, especially because she could hear her baby’s heartbeat in the water surrounding her.

Buehner first experienced float therapy while out of town, and said she noticed immediate benefits. As a health coach who believes in holistic medicine, she thought the therapy would be perfect for the hectic lives of people in the area. Three months from when she proposed the idea to her husband, who also owns Silver King Coffee on Kearns Boulevard, the business welcomed its first guests.

FLOAT Park City is located in the Mountain Sage Wellness Center on Prospector Avenue, where it shares a space with companies that offer treatments such as IV therapy and hyperbaric chambers.

“It’s been nice to have that referral base of like-minded people,” she said.

They are now doing combos where clients can get IV therapy with vitamin C and then float after.

“People love that. It’s like an upgraded day at the spa,” she said.

First-time users can try a 60-minute session for $50. After that, sessions are $75 or $50 each if you purchase them in a package. Currently FLOAT Park City only has one float pod, but Buehner is hoping that the treatment will catch on and more people give it a try.


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