Marketplace: Full House Bistro boasts dream team staff |

Marketplace: Full House Bistro boasts dream team staff


There are many options for both Chinese food and Japanese food in Park City, but the founders of Full House Asian Bistro at Kimball Junction thought people would appreciate being able to get both kinds of cuisine under one roof.

Full House is not Asian fusion, nor is it a sushi place with sweet and sour chicken, or a Chinese place with California rolls. The new restaurant at 6300 North Sagewood Dr. (the old location of Good Thymes) has a full sushi menu and a full Chinese menu.

What will set Full House apart, explained Ivy Deng, is the management and kitchen staff all know each other well and have worked together before. Everyone is Chinese and has years of experience working in Asian restaurants both fast-food franchises and with celebrity chefs.

According to Jason Wang, who has lived in Summit County for three years, the owner who brought them all together came to Park City to ski and decided a restaurant like the one he owned in California would do well at Kimball Junction.

The current staff comes partly from California and partly from Florida, but what they all have in common is a commitment to high-quality ingredients, good customer service and teamwork, Deng and Wang agreed.

Because of everyone’s extensive experience in the industry, both the menu and the restaurant’s design and branding were a collaborative effort, Deng said.

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The staff all suggested the sushi items and Chinese entrees that have been most popular at their previous jobs. Deng said she believes the dual menu, containing the "all stars" of both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, will be popular with people who no longer need to choose.

"Have a Chinese and Japanese combo," she said. "We let the customer choose."

That also makes Full House a great place to experiment and expand your tastes, she said. No matter what the weather is like or what mood a customer is in, there’s something on the menu for them, she added.

Cold outside? Order hot Chinese food. Sweltering in summer? Come in for cool sushi, Deng said.

It’s even possible Thai food will be introduced in the future, she added.

"We want to give the customers what they want," she said.

The restaurant’s operator and head sushi chef is Sam Wang. He said the community has been very welcoming since they opened last Thursday.

The Chinese food is mostly in the Mandarin, or northern Chinese, style. Deng said she thinks it will appeal to the discerning tastes of Park City’s locals and visitors.

Full House set the price points to be competitive with comparable quality in town. Chinese lunch combos are $7 to $8 and sushi combos are currently $10, she said.

Wang said the naturally healthy Asian food will meet the needs of health-conscious diners, but Full House also offers brown rice, several green-vegetable dishes and never uses MSG, he said.

The name Full House was chosen for several reasons, Wang explained. First, it’s a lucky hand. Second, it suggests a happy, welcoming environment. The Chinese meaning evokes thoughts of happy endings and families together for dinner, he said.

Full House Asian Bistro

6300 N. Sagewood Dr., Suite A


Open 7 days; take out available

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