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Marketplace: Get quick workouts, better nutrition


Kent Maurer is a fitness trainer-turned life coach who wants to see clients healthier, not just fitter.

In decades of working in gyms and spas, Maurer said he had loyal clients who went to him for years. It’s because he knew them so long that he realized that despite their great fitness, they were still getting sick as they aged.

Then, when Maurer turned 40, he learned he had high cholesterol despite being muscular and having little body fat. That’s when he decided fitness is not enough. To be healthy, clients need to eat a proper diet in addition to exercise.

In Park City, Maurer offers the full experience. He gives clients 45-minute total workouts in his studio, consults them on outside workouts, and gives nutritional advice.

His whole-body approach means he doesn’t train many body-builders. He’s not interested in helping people bulk up. His target clients are those who want to feel better, be in good shape, enjoy great flexibility and perform better at sports.

That’s what first got him into the business. Lacking natural talent, Maurer said he became obsessed with fitness to improve his performance. He loved it so much he started teaching others.

He started his professional career at The Aspen Club in Aspen, Colo., where he worked his way up to fitness director. He has also been spa director at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Ariz., and Cal-a-Vie in California. Along the way he’s also operated his own one-on-one training studios. For 16 years he ran Results Personal Training Studio in Solana Beach, Calif.

Wanting to get back to the mountains, a few years ago Maurer and his family moved to Park City to start from scratch. His expertise and effective methods have built a loyal client base here.

His studio is simple: he has a few free weights and ultra high-tech machines like the ROM 4-minute CrossTrainer and the Power Plate vibrator. With the machines he gives people a more intense workout than they could achieve alone in a short amount of time.

But Maurer wants you think of him as a life coach, not a personal trainer. It’s what you do outside his sessions that concerns him most.

To solve his own cholesterol problem, he adopted a plant-based diet. The more research he does into nutrition, the more experts and peer-reviewed researchers he finds advocating plant-based diets. Even former president Bill Clinton is now on a plant-based diet to treat his heart disease.

"It requires you to sever your emotional tie with food," he said.

Americans love meats and dairy products. People with serious health problems should consider eliminating them, he said.

"People are changing their health by changing their diets," he added.

Maurer hates the term Vegan because it reminds people of tree-hugging skinny, sickly kids, he said. But some of the most muscular athletes in the world adhere to a plant-based diet. His own body is not short on muscle and he’s been eating this way for 15 years.

"Even if you just eliminate dairy, I haven’t yet had a client who didn’t see benefits," he said.

For more information about his preferred diet, visit his website:

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