Marketplace: Get some ‘work done’ without surgery |

Marketplace: Get some ‘work done’ without surgery


You don’t need surgery to receive cosmetic enhancement, according to healer Cory Sondrup.

Homeopathic bio-mesotherapy can be used to stimulate the body in key points to make some areas fuller, and some leaner, he said.

Sondrup is a chiropractor who practices Mondays and Fridays by appointment at Vie Nouveau on Park Ave. He is also a specialist in kinesiology, energy healing, nutritional therapy.

He was recently certified in homeopathic bio-mesotherapy and he said results are noticeable after only five or six treatments during an eight-week protocol.

The technique is nonsurgical and nonprescriptive. It can be used to reduce wrinkles and achieve better tone in the face, cellulite removal, body contouring, weight loss and even breast toning and enhancement, he said.

Sondrup injects small amounts of homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points and other key points in the body. He said the injections stimulate receptor sites to trigger a change in the body.

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Different remedies and body points trigger different reactions, he explained. It’s perfectly safe; the only negative side effect is the possibility of a small amount of bruising, he said.

Sondrup is a doctor of chiropractics and that is his primary focus. He began incorporating different healing traditions into his practice because he realized the importance of addressing the whole body.

"I do more than straight chiropractics because you can get that anywhere. I incorporate nutrition, emotion and the acupuncture aspect. I’m more specific in addressing issues; I’m not ‘rack and crack and see you later.’ I take more of a body and mind approach to healing people," he said.

Sondrup’s methods address three body systems: the nervous system, the immune system, and acupuncture points. His job is to keep them balanced, he said. When that happens, the body heals itself.

There is more to a human being than a physical body, he said. Energy healing seeks out improper flow of energy in the body. An excess, deficit or blockage of energy will cause problems.

This is also why addressing the emotional health of a patient is necessary.

"If emotions are not dealt with properly, they store up in the body. Specific emotions store in certain parts of the body," he explained.

Sondrup’s techniques allow him to find that stored-up energy and release it so the body runs better.

His website, , features dozens of testimonials from happy clients who say they may not have always understood Sondrup’s methods, but they worked.

The same is true for homeopathic bio-mesotherapy. The results are real, he said. He especially recommends it to people contemplating surgery. There’s nothing wrong with a mother wanting to look the way she did before a pregnancy. Results with his therapy have been seen as early as three weeks, he said.

Dr. Cory Sondrup


At Vie Nouveau at 1492 Park Ave.

Mondays and Fridays by appointment

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