Marketplace: Harness the energy of your space |

Marketplace: Harness the energy of your space


The benefits of Feng Shui design have been embraced by numerous Fortune 500 companies and individuals are increasingly realizing its benefits to finances, relationships, health, career advancement, productivity and even creativity.

Park City consultant Rita Singh said she loves it for the personal alignment it brought her life. Now Singh and interior designer Ruth Patel are offering Feng Shui Results for Park City homes and businesses.

You can’t practice Feng Shui without moving furniture, and you can’t design an interior without understanding how spaces affect a person’s psyche, emotions, energy level and thought.

"Put them together and it creates tangible results people can really feel," Singh said.

There’s nothing to "believe" with Feng Shui. It’s based upon scientifically-conducted observations of the Earth and the human experience over 6,000 years, Singh explained. At its most basic, Feng Shui is about creating an environment that channels good energy and blocks bad.

There are several schools of Feng Shui, Singh practices Chinese Classical and Western. They both focus on where "luck" originates. In Western, an interior is designed to generate luck within the person. In Chinese Classical, a room is designed to aid the flow of luck from the Earth through a space.

"We’re not islands, we’re not separate; everything has energy fields," she said. "Everything is interrelated by the energies around us."

A perfect example is how the dispositions of the people around us affect our own, Patel said. If a coworker is angry, it’s hard for us to feel good.

When Feng Shui is done well, a place has the type of energy appropriate for its purpose. We want our homes to be sanctuaries, and our offices to be vibrant.

For example, Singh said many Park City homes are built on high ledges. According to Chinese Classical Feng Shui, that means their home’s Qi is likely to flow away from or out of the home. This will likely result in money trouble. The remedy is to use landscaping and other design features to create a U-shape around the home and insulate its Qi.

In Western style, a home or office will be decorated with art, colors, images and even mottos that motivate and inspire. It should be designed to generate the desired effect, she explained.

Both schools focus on energy, but go about achieving it in very different ways. They cannot be mixed and matched, Patel said.

For people who cannot afford a consultant and designer, Singh and Patel also offer "do-it-yourself" coaching.

"There’s no excuse not to improve your space," Singh said.

To check out what Feng Shui can do for you, workshops are being offered in February. The first, hosted by Right At Home on Bonanza Drive, will be Feb. 6 from 3 to 4 p.m. The second is taking place at Golden Braid Bookstore in Salt Lake City on Feb. 11 from 6 to 7 p.m. talking about how to create Romantic spaces coinciding with a Valentine’s Day theme at the store.

Feng Shui Results designed some of the areas within Dr. Stephanie Singer’s office in Kimball Junction.

"Rita took such great thought and care to create a warm feel to my office waiting room and bathroom with sensible pieces at low cost. I would recommend her highly," she said.

Feng Shui Results & Design Services

Rita Singh and Ruth Patel

801-634-9839 or 435-503-0240

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