Marketplace: Improving health with the power of light |

Marketplace: Improving health with the power of light


To fully understand what Barbara Jenson can do for a patient, that person must first accept the concept of meridians the channels in the body through which energy flow that are central to ancient acupuncture and martial arts techniques.

But one does not have to accept those ideas to feel the benefit of her treatments, Jenson said.

"You can feel a difference," she said.

Jenson acknowledges that patients need to be open to new ideas, but they don’t have to understand them to feel better.

That’s how her own journey began. A few decades ago she was a regular mom who trained rodeo horses for a living. Then her whole life changed in 1992 when she was diagnosed with a form of leukemia.

Her oncologist told her no matter what kind of state-of-the-art treatments they did, the cancer would likely return. She was advised to try whatever methods she liked, and to seek medical care when it became necessary. So checking in with the oncologist twice a year, she began experimenting with alternative forms of healing.

She found great benefit in the ancient traditions of India and China including acupuncture and qi gong. So much benefit that she began studying voraciously to become an expert herself. She’s now been practicing for 16 years.

In 1992, she did require a bone-marrow transplant and full-body radiation, but Jenson says her body was able to withstand the trauma and pain because it was in good health from her practices.

"I knew I wouldn’t die," she said. "It made me feel better; it gave me hope."

Jenson is now practicing out of Mountain Sage Healing Center on Prospector Ave. and offers complementary half-hour sessions to show people what she can do for them.

She highly recommends her treatments for children with behavioral problems, those recovering from traumatic incidents, those with attention-deficit disorders and with obsessive-compulsive behavior. Her services also help adults with hormone imbalances, sleep disorders and life-debilitating stress.

But anyone who feels blocked or would like to enhance their well-being can find benefit, she added.

The basic concept of acupuncture is to repair problems in the meridians to allow the proper balance and flow of energy within the body. Because that energy manifests itself in different ways, Jenson uses alternative methods to diagnose and treat problems.

To find imbalance, she uses a Russian-developed method of reading energy flow called Kirlian photography. studying energy instead of symptoms, she’s able to determine where and how future problems may develop.

Instead of needles, Jenson applies "colorpuncture," a method developed by a contemporary German physician. A light pen with different colors of crystals can inject light at different frequencies into the body’s meridian and restore the balance that allows the body to heal itself.

Better health through a flashlight might sound funny, but Jenson said people relax right away when the treatments begin and love the way it makes them feel.

She knows there’s no placebo effect because the restorative power of the treatments is greater than something the body could achieve alone, she said.

Nancy Garbett and her family are heavily invested in natural and oriental medicine. She said Jenson is a great addition to the community.

"This is less invasive, more preventative and deals on a much more proactive basis. We can do a lot for ourselves. Barbara is adding a huge service to anyone interested in exploring alternative modes of wellness," she said. "I notice an instant impact in how I feel."

Sound & Light at

Mountain Sage Healing Center

1881 Prospector Ave.


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