Marketplace: New boutique, familiar face |

Marketplace: New boutique, familiar face


Laura Coleman said there’s a lot of love going into her new clothing boutique opening in Redstone Nov. 22.

The store will take the place of Changes, a place Laura Coleman worked for five years.

"Without the tutoring I received from the previous owner I couldn’t have done it," she said. "She wasn’t controlling, but respected who I am. She introduced me to great brands and how to present them."

What made Changes successful was those brands and the new store will carry those, Coleman said.

Opening the store is a family project and Coleman said the support from her husband and seventh-grade son has been indispensable.

Coleman isn’t a typical small-business owner. She comes from Ukraine and her new store is the fulfillment of her American dream.

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After spending a decade in the Ukrainian film industry, she pursued her love of fashion to the United States where she got married and eventually moved to Park City.

To commemorate her journey, she’s naming the store after her father’s family: Safonova. He was the first person she told after making the decision and over the phone she could tell he got a little emotional. Not having any sons of his own, the family name will continue through his daughter’s business.

Coleman is aware that people may slaughter the pronunciation (the emphasis is on the second syllable), but whenever she pondered a more American name her friends insisted it just wouldn’t be her.

And Coleman is not just the owner, she is the center of what the new boutique will become, said employee Michelle Montany.

Although Coleman is too modest to say so, many customers of Changes came in to chat with her, Montany said. She is a popular person in town who offers exceptional service in the store. Montany said it’s almost guaranteed Safonova will enjoy the same customer support as Changes because Coleman is still around.

"I’m really passionate about my relationship to customers," Coleman said. "My girlfriends are my customers and vice versa. I can’t wait to see them again."

That was honestly one reason for opening the store, Coleman said. She couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing some of her clients again.

I cannot wait to go back into business and see familiar faces," she said. "People would come in just to say hi, and now it’s over the phone and I want to get back."

The popular brands that Safonova will carry include TAG, Ella Moss, Industry, Bailey 44, PJ Salvage, Hobo, Da-Nang, 3 Dots and over a dozen more.

Montany said Coleman will also bring a new level of sophistication to how the brands will be displayed. Running a business will not be a desk job for her; Coleman will be on the floor.

"She’s not a pushy salesperson," Montany added.

"I don’t want them to have buyer’s remorse, but to go home and enjoy it," Coleman said. "Let’s spend the time to get it right I would rather a customer not buy and come back than to buy and have regret."

3 Dots has offered to have a trunk show for one week only during the grand opening.

The space will feature a new décor and Coleman and Montany invite the community to see what Safonova is bringing to Redstone.


1675 W. Redstone Center Dr. #140


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