Marketplace: Silver Mountain Pizzeria sells spicy pies |

Marketplace: Silver Mountain Pizzeria sells spicy pies


Tyler Dekul is living a dream at Park City Mountain Resort.

Owner of the Food For Thought Market in the Mountain Village, he took over the space vacated by Boua Thai on the other side of the ice rink last fall and opened Silver Mountain Pizzeria.

The business plan is simple: he offers large portions of comfort food like pizza, sandwiches, chicken wings, salads and beer for hungry people playing at the resort. He distinguishes himself by striving to come up with the most original offerings possible.

"I love to tinker," Dekul said. "It’s fun to play with the recipes.

All of the sauces are his own. He begins with basic ingredients and begins adding flavors until he has something he has never tasted before but is delicious. Then he offers free samples to family, friends and customers. When his critics are in agreement with him, he adds it to the menu.

"We think of something that sounds great and then expand on it," he explained.

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For example, a friend recommended focaccia pizza dough. It was light, airy and delicious.

"We really liked it, but added more butter you know what they say about butter," he said.

One sauce has lots basil, a little ginger and cayenne pepper.

As a fan of big flavors, Dekul loves to experiment with hot peppers. That is what led to the invention of Inferno Sauce a recipe that begins with tomatoes and a few dozen habaneros. It can be put on pizza for a spicy pie or on chicken wings.

Most pizzas on Silver Mountain’s menu are traditional, but he also recommends the Sweet n’ Spicy Fire Dragon with pineapple, chicken, jalapenos and Inferno Sauce. The barbecue pizzas can also be as spicy as diners wish, as well.

Anyone craving Dekul’s spiciest wings can enter the Silver Mine Fire Challenge. Eat eight in eight minutes without the aid of dipping sauces or beverages and win a drink.

He also recommends his pizza fritta a Neapolitan-style deep-fried pizza similar to a calzone.

With wings, he pushes the pineapple, jalapeno and tomato sauce.

"I make some of the most random flavors and say, ‘Wow! That’s really good,’" he added. "I think, ‘How do they work on chicken?’ But it’s our No. 1."

Dekul doesn’t like spicy for the sake of hotness; his goal is not to cause pain but to enhance the experience.

"I don’t like hot that hurts you, I want hotness so you say, ‘That’s awesome,’" he explained. "I want a full palate of flavors."

Dekul thrives on customer feedback. At Food For Thought Market, so much of what he offered was made by somebody else. At Silver Mountain Pizzeria, he is the designer, manufacturer and purveyor.

"When you’re enjoying what you’re doing, it’s easy getting people to enjoy it with you," he said.

Having grown up in the family business at PCMR, Dekul said the commercial village is his comfort zone. He used to ski every day, and still encourages his staff to get a few runs in before they open.

Nothing sounds better after skiing all day than a hot pizza, and if you treat people right they keep coming, he said.

The plaza is off the beaten path for many Park City diners, but there is no restaurant with better parking, he added.

Silver Mountain Pizzeria

1415 Lowell Avenue


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