Marketplace: The Gingerbread House has rooms just above Main Street |

Marketplace: The Gingerbread House has rooms just above Main Street


Miriam Broumas bought the Gingerbread House near the Deer Valley Drive roundabout eight years ago because it reminded her of her childhood home in San Francisco.

There’s something about Gingerbread-style molding that tugs at heartstrings and fond memories. Broumas said she saw many such cottages in Austria while on a ski vacation and now always thinks of the Alps when she sees a Gingerbread house covered in snow. Children in Park City don’t have any trouble identifying her home, she said, because it reminds them of storybooks.

So two years ago when Broumas decided to add another 2,000 square feet to the back of the home to create rooms for nightly rentals and for seasonal workers, she decided there was no better name than The Gingerbread House.

But the Victorian era is not Broumas’s expertise she’s a professional Feng Shui-design consultant. So every room in the home is designed for maximum natural light, the best-possible views and for positive energy flow. The overall theme of the interior décor is Asian with beautiful objects and art she’s collected from her world travels accentuating every room and space.

The result is an exterior that tends to conjure up positive memories of stories and experiences, and an interior that is contemporary, relaxing, and rejuvenating, she explained.

That’s not even the property’s main attraction; she’s located just yards from Park City’s Main Street and its bus terminal.

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If a visitor takes a shuttle from the airport, it’s possible to stay at The Gingerbread House and never need a vehicle to go anywhere in town. And most of the seven rooms have expansive views of Main Street and the mountains.

Instead of trying to get the highest price she can for such a convenient location, Broumas said she usually charges $85 a night (her highest rates during the Sundance Film Festival average $350).

Once, before renovating, she had the entire property rented out and needed a place to sleep herself during a visit. She was appalled at the rates most Park City properties charged, she said.

"I felt for middle-class families. All socio-economic groups ought to be able to enjoy Park City," she said. "What is the country coming to? Why shouldn’t people be able to afford a vacation now and then?"

Two years ago she was bucking a trend, but now she feels she’s setting one as travelers scour for the best deals, she said.

Every room has its own television and bathroom and a few have balconies. The Gingerbread House has a full kitchen that all guests are welcome to share giving people many of the same amenities as a condo rental.

The shared space also adds to the stay a "community" element popular with fans of bed & breakfast inns.

Broumas said everything from the architecture to the Feng-Shui design is meant to create an atmosphere that is light and cheerful.

"We offer clean, affordable rooms that are comfortable and family-friendly in community-like lodging," Broumas added.

With so many properties designed with heavy timbers and "mountain contemporary" interiors, Broumas said she offers something fresh and rejuvenating. And yes, she bakes gingerbread men for her guests.

The Gingerbread House

253 Deer Valley Drive