Marketplace: The new face of relaxation: Mehta Rejuvenation |

Marketplace: The new face of relaxation: Mehta Rejuvenation


If you’re considering seeing someone about the wrinkles on your face, Lorine Hoffer would like to suggest facial massage as an alternative to Botox.

Mehta Facial Rejuvenation is a technique with roots in the Ayurveda tradition and is sometimes called "Facelift Massage." Hoffer, owner of Cloud 10 Massage, became an expert in the technique after meeting a client who lost feeling in her face because of an accident.

At first skeptical herself, Hoffer was converted in the classes after seeing the effects. The instructors had them work on only one side of the face at a time and after only a few minutes the face in the mirror looked like a split-screen "before-and-after" photograph.

"Regardless of age, you can see a physical difference," she said. "It looks firmer, lifted, with less evidence of lines and wrinkles I was really blown away."

The price is comparable to Botox treatments, but instead of getting poked with needles, the sessions are "pure, heavenly relaxation," she said.

Park City is the perfect place to offer it, she said, because everyone here deals with dehydration and high-elevation sunlight. It’s equally effective for men and women, and works across the age spectrum.

There are dozens of muscles in the face, Hoffer said, but we don’t use all of them so like the rest of our bodies they can get out of shape. And because of the way we smile, or from squinting at snow glare or the way we furrow our brow during stressful periods, some face muscles get overworked.

Sometimes faces can even get "frozen" in certain positions because we make the same expression so often. That can actually work backward to affect our emotions. We could end up feeling unhappy simply because our face is stuck with a frown, she explained.

"It can encourage muscles to move out swelling, help them physically re-tone and even retrain muscles," Hoffer said. "The movement is like ironing out the face."

It also works to prevent the formation of wrinkles in younger people, she added.

In some parts of the world cosmetic stores sell small face rollers to "roll-out" wrinkles. Hoffer said she really respects the way people in other parts of the world are aware of their own bodies. They have a better understanding that every muscle needs to be moved and worked for optimum health.

Sometimes it’s a tough sell getting Americans to think about the health of their neck, head and facial muscles. But once one understands Mehta Facial Rejuvenation, it’s a no-brainer, she said. It manually lifts and moves the muscles to awaken them and make the body aware of them. It results in plumpness (in a good way), better color and even skin texture.

Additionally, human touch has a healing effect, she added.

Kirsten Meehan said via email that a sister gave her a session with Hoffer recently and called it "a wonderful experience."

Meehan said she’d received full-body massages before, but never anything that focused exclusively on the head.

"I didn’t really know what to expect," she said. "I had no idea how relaxed I would be! I really could feel all the areas in my face and neck relax and it allowed for the rest of my body to feel a deep sense of relaxation as well. The most surprising part, however, was the significant difference I saw in my face afterwards! My skin truly looked younger!"

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