Marketplace: Yogurt any way you like it at Yodipity |

Marketplace: Yogurt any way you like it at Yodipity


Yodipity is a frozen yogurt shop subleasing space inside The Park City Market on Snow Creek Dr. Manager Lauren Whitaker believes it is the only self-serve frozen yogurt bar in Park City, and said she couldn’t be in a better location.

Across the dining area from The Market’s café, Whitaker said the relationship with the grocery store is mutually beneficial. She often sees people come in for yogurt and remember they need milk. And, of course, people come in for milk and stop to buy yogurt, she said.

Frozen yogurt has been a popular treat for decades, but Yodipity follows the trend of charging per ounce instead of for cup or cone sizes. Whitaker believes that began four or five years ago in California, and has caught on because it gives consumers more control.

The business is set up along a bar almost buffet style. Visitors grab a cup to fill with as much or as little yogurt as they wish. They can then add toppings before taking it to the register to have it weighed where they pay per ounce.

"With the old way, the places I’ve been in, if you order a medium you tend to feel like the person in front of you was served a huge portion, and mine is small," she said. "Here, there’s never an upset customer. It’s 39 cents per ounce and they create it themselves."

Yodipity’s founders live locally and also have a location in Mesa, Arizona. They plan to open soon in Summerlin, Nevada and hope to make it a chain, she said.

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The store in Park City opened last March and offers six flavors of frozen yogurt that rotate to allow seasonal flavors like peach in summer and eggnog in December.

About 53 toppings are available including candies, fresh fruit and syrups. Whitaker confesses she thought most clients would be high school students during lunch or after school, but all kinds of people have become regulars.

Monday afternoon, Natalie Frost and Sydney Blake stopped by. It was only Frost’s second visit, but Blake said she comes often.

"I create whatever I want; it’s exactly what I want it to be," she said.

The healthy aspects of the treat seem to attract most customers, Whitaker explained. A four-ounce serving has about 100 calories and is fat free. Sugar free options are also available.

From what she can tell, many customers stop in after their workouts. It’s also popular with moms wanting to give their kids a healthy treat. The shared dining with the café makes it a great place for families to come together, Whitaker said.

A lot of business has come from hotels and nightly rental managers, she said. When people want a light, inexpensive and casual treat, they often think of frozen yogurt, Whitaker added.

Yodipity is active in social media and offers a discount for "friending" the Park City location. It can be found at yodipityparkcity.

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