Mary Ann Trussell (D) – Summit County Recorder |

Mary Ann Trussell (D) – Summit County Recorder

Mary Ann Trussell (Democrat)

Summit County Recorder

6-year term

1: What are your qualifications to run for Summit County Recorder and why do you want to serve?

I have 23 years of experience working in the county Recorder’s Office (1991-current). In 1997, I was appointed Chief Deputy and became the recorder in May, 2013. Through both opportunities, I’m well-versed in the responsibilities of the position. This intricate knowledge has taken many years of hard work and dedication to acquire. The recorder is not a supervising but is a working position requiring extensive experience.

In addition to a working knowledge of budgeting and financial obligations, I am a certified Cadastral mapper and the office Tyler-Eagle specialist. I receive monthly training on new features and functionality of the system which I then pass on to my staff. If I am elected, this means there will be no learning curve for the position and office. I will also ensure Summit County is in compliance with all state statutes and other legal obligations.

I know the job; I have the education and experience to do the job. I enjoy what I am doing; I have a great working relationship with my staff, the citizens of Summit County that I serve and other department heads and recorders throughout the state. I would like to continue to be the Summit County Recorder/Surveyor.

Question 2: The State just changed the length of the term for this office in order to stagger county elections in the future. Was that a good or bad idea and are you prepared to make a 6-year commitment to the job?

I’m in favor of the decision the state made and I am prepared to make a 6-year commitment to the Recorder/Surveyor position. I believe this decision will help balance our elected positions through each election cycle and, in turn, create more stability for our county. I have served the citizens of Summit County for over 23 years and would be honored to have the opportunity to serve them six more years.

Question 3: Should this be an elected or appointed position and could it be combined with another department to save taxpayer dollars?

I believe the recorder should be an elected position, because it gives Summit County citizens a voice in how their county government is managed and run. This also allows the public to put someone they trust in office.

I am in support of saving taxpayer dollars, but the Summit County Recorder’s office is already combined with the Survey Office. The County has already gone through the analysis of combining offices and found it wouldn’t save that much money as a trade for the potential negative impact on the specialized offices.

Question 4: Should the county change its fee structure for obtaining records from your office?

Most of the fees in the Recorder’s Office are determined by state statue. The Recorder’s Office has scanned millions of pages of documents and plats dating back to 1862. These are free for the public to view on our website. The charge for a copy of a document is 25 cents per page, a cost that hasn’t increased since 1985. To the best of my knowledge, Summit County’s fee structure is one of the lowest in the state. I believe the Recorder’s office provides information and excellent service to the public for a minimal cost.

Question 5: Do you have any ideas to incorporate more technology into your department, if so what and how would it help the citizens?

The Recorder’s Office recently started using the ESRI program for digital mapping. This is an interactive program with numerous features that will streamline our process. Another simple but effective change would be to update our office systems to accept credit card payment for the public’s convenience. Moving forward, I intend to continually update my office with new technologies to further increase the efficiency of the Recorder’s Office.

Question 6: Please differentiate your platform from your opponent’s.

My qualifications, knowledge, experience and dedication set me apart as the best candidate for the Summit County Recorder/Surveyor. I also recognize the importance of continually updating our technology to be efficient and accurate. I believe my past service has demonstrated my ability to be professional, efficient and friendly — vital characteristics I will exhibit going forward. I would consider it an honor and privilege to continue to serve the citizens of Summit County.

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