Mashed potatoes and gravy at Masters spring slaloms |

Mashed potatoes and gravy at Masters spring slaloms

Submitted by Amy Lanzel, For The Park Record

This past weekend, Canyons Resort hosted the masters Jans Cup slalom races, and what a weekend it was! Racers battled it out on the resort’s Sunrise Run at the resort in spring-like conditions that some refer to as "mashed potatoes." It was those racers who completed both their runs in the mush each day who got their "gravy."

Saturday’s snow held a bit more firm as overcast skies helped keep things a bit cooler, but Sunday’s gorgeous sun coupled with turny courses brought a bit of challenge for even some of the top racers on the mountain.

Saturday’s top men blazed through the course and overcame the flat light and poor visibility. Craig Norton reeled in the men’s top time of the day on his two runs (1:17:48). Rick Slabinski was tight on his heels with the second overall finish of the day in a time of 1:17.97. Rounding out the top three men was the birthday boy, Bobby Skinner, in 1:18.60.

The ladies had a story of their own to tell on Saturday. After a scorching first run, Jenny Badger had a solid 0.47 second lead over Beth Sarazine headed into the second run. But Badger ran into trouble at the bottom of the course and was disqualified, leaving Sarazine to take home the top overall time for the day (1:24.01). Dana Alexandrescu of Park City laid out two great runs to take the second-best overall time of the day (1:25.57). The Park City gals were looking good as Karen Keating grabbed the third overall time of the day (1:29.08).

Sunday’s men were out for the gravy and it was messy for a while. The Super Seed (top 10 men after the first run) lost three of its competitors on the second run as course conditions got the best of a few good men. Rising to the top again was Norton (1:19.07), who managed to pull out two phenomenal runs. However, the top five men were all within a second of him. Skinner (1:19.10) held strong for the second-fastest men’s time, just 0.03 seconds behind Norton, while Chris Probert (1:19.16) took home an impressive third overall time.

On Sunday, it was another close race for the ladies. Dana Alexandrescu was on fire as she dominated the first run and held strong in the second run to snag the overall best women’s time for the day (1:24.58). Beth Sarazine had an improved second run and secured the second overall women’s time (1:25.40). It was a close race for the third overall position between Amy Lanzel and Karen Keating, with Keating (1:26:80) edging Lanzel by just 0.02 seconds on the second run to take the No. 3 overall women’s podium spot for the day.

Division winners for Sunday’s slalom included John Bloomberg, Meredith Hall, Dick Rusden, Debra MacKenzie, Amy Lanzel, Dasha Kadulova, Nick Hudson, Jackson Allred, Frank Kruse, Michael Falk, Brent Amsbury Stephen Balog and Luke Renshaw.

A huge thanks to sponsors Jans Mountain Experts and the two master racers "heroes for a day" Bob Christie and Anne Wood. The masters enjoyed the weekend at the new venue. Thanks to Canyons for hosting this event. Also, an enormous thanks to Meri Stratton for all her hard work in the logistics of the event and the timing. Without a doubt, she’s one of the best coordinators this gal knows how to get a race done!

Next weekend, Snowbasin Resort will be hosting the final race of the Jans Cups series that will include one super G and two GS races. The end of the regular season is fast approaching as the masters are preparing for the national races that will be held at Park City Mountain Resort March 19-23, and the FIS Masters Criterium the following week at Mammoth Mountain. For more information go to


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