Message from a meaningful movie |

Message from a meaningful movie

Kendall Fischer, Park Record intern

I am not the type of person to cry over a movie; it’s not real life. But watching "Click" (2006), tears streamed down my face for at least 20 minutes. The message was so strong, and so real to me.

The main character of "Click" has a good life and good intentions when he discovers a remote control which he can operate to control his life. He uses the remote to fast forward through the hard work he wants to get done, and the dull, ordinary times of his life, eager to quickly get to the rewards, such as completing a project and getting a promotion. The remote is useful at first, but then it begins to take over and he misses many important moments in his life.

At first, the story seemed like a funny, fantastical work of fiction, but gradually, I realized that it is much more. The use of the remote control reflects the sense of dissatisfaction and lack of appreciation so many of us feel about life.

The remote makes the man switch from living his life to functioning on auto pilot. He works all the time, is promoted, becomes rich, and still works even more.

The protagonist attempts to speed through the drudgery of his life and reap the later rewards without being conscious of the effort required to get there. But in his quest to do so, he misses out on many of the ordinary moments which can actually be more significant than the seemingly bigger events, like being promoted.

It’s not the final destination that is really important, but the journey. The man is so caught up in his work that he ignores his wife, doesn’t have time for his kids, avoids his parents, and is careless about his own health. He loses sight of what is truly important. It’s not the career, or the money, but experiencing life, appreciating small blessings, truly knowing oneself, and connecting with others that are genuinely meaningful.

I am involved in a lot of activities and I’m always busy. I often have to cancel or reject plans with my family and friends in order to meet other commitments. It’s easy to get caught up in obligations and to lose touch with people I care about. I am running around completing so many different tasks that I don’t often step back and see that I am neglecting what is most valuable: myself and the people I love.

I didn’t expect any profound revelations from this movie. "Click" made me realize that I could easily stray onto the dangerous path of mechanically moving through life without fully experiencing and appreciating the day-to-day interactions, tasks, and challenges that add up to a meaningful existence.

I don’t want to lose sight of what is truly important like the character in "Click". I want to fully experience my journey, living each moment. I realize that there will be annoyances, drudgeries, and hardships along the way, but overcoming those challenges will make my accomplishments much sweeter. I will find comfort during hard times, with the realization that every experience has the potential to make me stronger and wiser.

I will be conscious and involved in my life and the people and things that matter to me. I have been given a beautiful opportunity to hire, and I must strive to make the most of it, enjoying every moment, exciting or ordinary, rewarding or difficult.


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