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Michelangelo pieces at Old Towne

Submitted by Colby J. Larsen

The Old Towne Gallery, 580 Main St., will exhibit an array of bronze castings of working models, called bozzetti, by the great Michelangelo. These pieces, which will be at the gallery from Friday, Feb. 17, until Monday, Feb. 20, were used to show his patrons and assistants what he had in mind for a work. Some of them were also used to work out creative issues.

Bringing these works to Park City is part of a project between the Museo Casa Buonarroti and the Harry & Karly Spell Foundation of Illinois has made it possible for people outside of Florence to experience Michelangelo’s bozzetti. Using 3-D laser mapping, as well as traditional bronze casting techniques, the Art Casting of Illinois, Inc., was able to cast bronze sculptures in a posthumous unique edition from the original fragile models, making it possible for people to see, and in certain circumstances touch, Michelangelo’s creations.

For more information, visit http://www.oldtownegallery.com