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Miners dig up indie treasure with upcoming festival

Dale Thompson, Of the Record staff

With Sundance almost a year away locals can satiate their desire for independent films at the upcoming Miner Film Festival.

Hosted by the Audio Visual Club at Park City High School and sponsored by Frank Normile, the event will showcase the work of students and adults.

Junior Matt Ainsley said approximately 10 student films will be shown.

"Most of them have been made with about five people in the crew," he said.

Ainsley filmed many of them and also helped with the post-production work.

He reported that some films took three months to complete, while others were made in a matter of weeks. The majority of films have original stories written by the students, and one entry is an adaptation of the "Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe. Approximately half the films were made independently, while the other half were created as part of a class assignment.

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After working on several of the films, Ainsley reported many of his peers would like to get a job in the industry.

"I would say most of us would like to go on and have filmmaking in our future."

Ainsley encourages people to attend because he said the festival has some great work in it.

"It’s a great showcase of all the talent that is here at Park City High School. This festival shows the dedication and commitment of the students," Ainsley said.

The fourth annual Miner Film Festival will take place May 12 14 in the Jim Santy Auditorium. On Friday at 8 p.m. the student entries will be shown. The adult entries will be shown on Saturday at 8 p.m. and winners will be announced Sunday at 6 p.m. First-place winners will receive $600, second-place winners will receive $300 and third-place winners will receive $100.