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Miners shut out Waterford in physical game

Adia Waldburger, of the Record staff

Tuesday was just about perfect for Park City soccer player Michael Glenn.

Not only did he score his first goal of the season, but it came in a 2-0 shutout over rival Waterford on a beautiful sunny day.

Other than Judge Memorial, Waterford is only other team on the regular-season schedule the Miners circle in red ink. With a passionate athletic, team, the Ravens are one of the few schools that stand in the way of Park City repeating as region and state champions this year.

"Getting a 2-0 win over them is great result," said Glenn.

The warm weather was also important to Park City. After two weeks filled with snowstorms and cancelled games, the Miners were starting to see Mother Nature taking a toll on them. Cancelled games often meant cancelled practices and team cohesion and readiness was beginning to suffer.

"It’s terrible," said Glenn. "It truly wrecks the flow of our team."

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Tuesday’s game was not only filled with sunshine, but there little wind on Waterford’s home field a large grassy area with a perfect view of the mountain.

"The playing conditions couldn’t have been better," Glenn

Glenn was able to score his first goal of the year early in the game. A Waterford defender tried to clear a ball out close to the Miners’ goal and sent it right to clean, some fancy footwork and Glenn had put a point on the board. Before Tuesday, Glenn had become the John Stockton of the Miners, dishing out assists left and right rather than going for the direct goals himself.

But the Miners defense may have been the real star, According to Park City assistant coach Jesse Blais, when the team prepared for the Ravens, they knew that they had a couple of really quick and talented scorers that they would need to shut down for the entire game. The defense kept their focus and were able to silence Waterford effectively. pressuring the defense until they made a mistake and passing the ball wide to exploit Waterford’s wing players, the Miners were able to keep possession for most of the game. Waterford was only able to make about a dozen shots on goal all stopped by net-minder Jacob Sirianni.

"Going in we were focused," said Adam Laufer, who anchored the defense in the game.

"Our defense definitely had a great game," agreed Blais. "Adam Laufer kept the ball away."

Austen Stevens scored another goal for the Miners in the second half and the Miners left with the win.

But it wasn’t cut and dried all game long. As the game wore on, the two physical teams began to get scrappy. As the Ravens became more frustrated, emotions flared and a few scuffle broke out on the field at the end of the game, Park City’s Tommy Martin was given a yellow card for fighting.

"Towards the end of the game, it will get like that," Glenn said. "You’re got to hold your own players back and keep them in check."

But the most shocking display of emotions came a few minutes later when defensive player Alex Gordon made a gesture at the referee that earned him a red card. The card will keep him out of the team’s next game against Uintah.

"He’s a key player in the back. He wins so much in the back, it’s crucial to have him," Glenn said. "He adds a sense of security."

They will have Gordon back before their next biggest matchup but will have to endure without him for rte rest of the week.

The Miners will host Uintah Wednesday at 4 p.m. at Quinn’s Junction.