Mobile vet will come to your door |

Mobile vet will come to your door

Most people do not decide what they want to be when they grow up by age five. But Karen Rabin, a Park City local, knew. The veterinarian decided to bring her love of animals to the area this year and is working out the final details to open a mobile vet clinic in the next few weeks.

Since she was a child, it was always plastic animal toys over dolls, Rabin said. the time she was 15 years old, she started working in a vet clinic near her home. The plan was simple: go to college then on to veterinary school. She never wavered, a fact that is clear in the work she’s done in Park City.

When she first saw a small Pomeranian with a badly infected leg, the owner told her he would be OK with putting the dog down. She had him sign the dog over to the clinic’s care and amputated the leg, saving the dog’s life. Shortly after, he was adopted by another employee.

"This is where my passion is," Rabin said. "I have always loved animals. I knew that from the very beginning."

Rabin, who also works at Deer Valley as a part-time ski instructor, moved to Park City four years ago from her home in Florida. She came to stay temporarily in her cousin’s condo and never left. She threw herself into the winter sports full force. While she was a snowboarder her first few months, by the end of the season she was a Deer Valley skiing convert.

When her five-year-old started kindergarten, Rabin decided to rejoin the workforce, picking up where she left off in Florida. She opted to take up a mobile version of what she’d been doing before, hoping to offer the area something it didn’t already have.

"My forte is taking care of the owner and the pet," she said. "In a stationary clinic, you don’t have as much time to do that. You’re focused on minutes. You have to get in and get out. You don’t have all this time to focus on the owner’s concerns or the relationship with their animal."

Before Rabin decided to establish a Park City practice, she started work in Salt Lake City with a mobile clinic to learn the ropes. Now she plans to bring her years of experience in Florida as a veterinarian with a stationary clinic and her time in Utah working with a mobile practice to offer a new service to Park City. Her practice will offer preventative and diagnostic care, from basic check-ups to vaccinations to euthanasia and hospice care, with hopes of adding surgeries and dental care as well.

The difference in how animals behave being treated at home and treated in a clinic can be tremendous, she said.

"It was so great, going into peoples homes and see the pets in that setting," Rabin said. "Cats will come up and purr and rub against your leg instead of trying to kill you when you pull them out of the carrier.

"I feel so more accessible to people this way. My phone is my office."

Until Rabin is officially open for business, she is taking phone calls answering questions and compiling a list of anyone interested that will receive email notifications when she can start taking appointments in the next few weeks. Rabin treats home pets, mostly cats and dogs, she said, but she also would treat reptiles and small mammals.

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