Monitors are for those with disabilities |

Monitors are for those with disabilities

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Kamas resident Justin Bailey, who is autistic, was found several miles from where he was last seen when he wandered away from his apartment last summer.

In March, Bailey disappeared again and was found the next day a few hundred yards from his home.

So the autistic man’s parents, who try to watch Bailey like hawks, should find comfort in the fact that a tracking bracelet attached to their son’s wrist last week now allows searchers to locate the man more quickly should he disappear again, Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds said.

Deputies used the equipment this month to locate a transponder within minutes of it being hidden in South Summit, he said.

"We’re the ones who will be tracking [Bailey] and my deputies went through all the training," Edmunds said.

The need to equip Bailey with the bracelet recently gained urgency with the man’s repeated disappearance, he said, adding that Bailey is one of nearly 30 people in Summit County who could benefit from the new program.

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"We’re hoping that what this will do is prompt others with cognitive disabilities to get involved," Edmunds said.

An autistic boy was found safe after he went missing from near Willow Creek Park in the Snyderville Basin May 17 at about 4:20 p.m. a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office states.

"They were riding bikes on the path going down Old Ranch Road to look at cows and he went missing," the report states.

According to Edmunds, the program "is not just for [Bailey] and it’s not just for autistic people either. They may be Alzheimer’s patients or have some sort of developmental challenge."

The National Autism Association helped pay to equip Bailey with a bracelet through its Project Lifesaver program, he said.

"As far as any additional wristbands, there will be a cost involved," Edmunds said. "But it will be a minimal cost and it’s certainly a good investment for people if they have loved ones and they are concerned that they may wander off."

Contact the Summit County Sheriff’s Office at (435) 615-3500 for information about obtaining a bracelet.