Monkey-wrencher appears on Main Street |

Monkey-wrencher appears on Main Street

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

With a possible prison sentence hanging over his head, 27-year-old Tim DeChristopher was on Main Street in Park City Sunday to promote his nonprofit,

The Utah man is best known for having cost petroleum companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by monkey-wrenching a lease auction last December in the name of the environment. By placing bogus bids DeChristopher said he sabotaged the auction and cost oil companies about $750,000.

"I’m trying to get people fired up about sticking up for our climate," DeChristopher said in speech at the Park Silly Sunday Market. "Our mission is to force our leaders to take strong action to prevent climate change."

His statement drew cheers from Parkite Jillian Kirschke.

"Maybe there is a green revolution coming in a sort of peaceful, civil disobedient sort of way," Kirschke said in an interview. "It’s definitely something I want to be a part of."

Kirschke said she admires DeChristopher’s commitment to the environment despite the possibility he may go to prison.

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"Everybody wants to do it, and I give him props for having the balls to do it in a peaceful way," she said.

DeChristopher said his federal trial could begin this fall.

"The trial is actually something that we’re looking forward to," DeChristopher told The Park Record Sunday. "I think it will be a great opportunity to expose the corruption in that specific auction and also to bring attention to some of the deeper injustices in the system as a whole."

Political leaders have failed to protect U.S. citizens from dangers of the fossil-fuel industry, he said.

"What they are doing is killing us. The way they are operating right now is destroying our future," DeChristopher said. "We need people standing up and defending our future because we have been asking our political representatives to defend our future for a long time, and they’re not doing it just because we’re asking. They’re only going to do it if we force them to do it."

DeChristopher manned a booth on Main Street Sunday as he encouraged people to attend the International Day of Action for Climate Justice Oct. 24 at Library Square in Salt Lake City.

"It’s a day of action before the Copenhagen climate negotiations to put pressure on our political leaders to set strong goals," DeChristopher said. "We need much more strict goals. There is a much greater need for civil unrest and for an uprising to really make demands of our leaders."

Parkite Shirin Spangenberg praised DeChristopher’s stand in an interview on Main Street.

"This guy has taken it to a whole other level, where he is putting his life in peril," Spangenberg said.