Mother duck killed by car on Park Avenue, ducklings saved |

Mother duck killed by car on Park Avenue, ducklings saved

Jay Hamburger The Park Record

A driver hit and killed a mother duck on Park Avenue earlier in July, leaving eight ducklings stranded along a busy stretch of road.

A woman called Summit County Animal Control about the ducklings, and the Park City Police Department was alerted at 11:26 a.m. on July 7. The ducklings were on the 2100 block of Park Avenue, the police said. The location is close to the police station and post office.

Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the woman gathered up the ducklings after seeing what happened. The woman told Animal Control she was keeping them from the road, Ryan said.

Ryan said Animal Control retrieved the ducklings and handed them over to the state Division of Wildlife Resources.

A Division of Wildlife Resources official on Thursday was not sure where the ducklings were taken after they were retrieved.

Adult ducks and ducklings are sometimes seen in the vicinity of where the mother duck was killed. The 2100 block of Park Avenue is close to small bodies of water like a pond at the Park City Golf Club.

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