Mother gets to visit the city her daughter loved |

Mother gets to visit the city her daughter loved

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

Ever since Gabriela Caballero-Lopez was a little girl, she dreamed of traveling the world, according to her mother, Mirta Lopez.

Gaby had just received her law degree in Paraguay and was going to begin working as a public notary when her life was cut short last week. On December 10, Lopez was crossing State Road 224 when she was fatally struck by two vehicles. She died before her mother and sister could secure emergency visas to travel from Asuncion, Paraguay.

"As a daughter, she was excellent and gave me the most satisfaction of my life," Mirta told The Park Record, through a translator. "Gaby was more than a daughter to me, she was an unconditional friend. She was the best student, was always happy and was able to give so much love."

Mirta said she and her daughters have been close every since their father died of kidney disease when Lopez was five.

"He needed a transplant and his father [Gaby’s grandfather] gave him one of his kidneys," Mirta said. "Because of that, he was with us for four more years and we were able to enjoy his life and his company. Because of this, we had a conversation and all decided to donate our organs if something should happen."

After the accident, Mirta wanted to ensure that as many of Lopez’s organs were donated as possible, including her heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver and eyes.

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"To me, Gaby is not dead. Gaby is alive and lives in a heart that is still beating. She is giving life to another person and through this, giving life and hope to another family. And this family will have a better future, just like we did," Mirta said.

Lopez was working at the Deer Valley Bakery and Westgate Hotel on a J1 Student Visa. Both businesses chipped in to ensure her mother and sister, Pamela, had somewhere to stay while they made the final arrangements for Gaby. Mirta said she has been visiting all the places her daughter worked and exploring the town she loved.

It was Lopez’s third season working in Park City and her mother said she was always talking about how great the town was, the wonderful people she worked with and how her dream was to one day move to Park City.

"Regardless of everything we are going through, I can see God’s hand in this difficult time because from the moment we arrived I have been receiving help and compassion from strangers," Mirta said, adding that she wanted to express her gratitude to Gaby’s friends, family and Westgate Resort and Deer Valley.

Lopez’s insurance does not cover the cost of sending her body back to Paraguay or funeral arrangements. An account was opened under Gaby’s name to help cover those expenses and Mirta said they are hoping to raise $2,000.

"I want to thank all the community members of Park City for their help," she said. "God Bless everyone who offered to help us without even knowing us and the community that rallied as soon as they found out about Gaby’s accident."

The family has opened an account at Wells Fargo under Gabriela Cabarello-Lopez’s name. The account number is #609-707-1812.