Mountain lion spotted in backyard |

Mountain lion spotted in backyard

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A person on the edge of Solamere saw a mountain lion in his backyard on Sunday morning, shooting several blurry photos of the big cat before the animal ran away.

Ted Rueger was on vacation at his parents’ house on Rising Star Lane when he saw the mountain lion. He said he heard noises outside at about 7 a.m. sounding like something was hitting a bronze statue of an elk in the backyard. Rueger said he looked outside and saw the mountain lion standing next to the sculpture.

He got a camera and shot the photos as he and his wife watched the mountain lion walk back and forth across the yard. It stayed in the backyard for approximately two minutes.

"It’s like he was moving through the property," Rueger said, adding, "it’s pretty cool to see a mountain lion in the wild, but not in your backyard,"

Rueger and his father warned a few people who were walking their dogs in the neighborhood.

Dave Swenson, a state wildlife officer assigned to the Park City area, said there is a possibility the bronze elk statue attracted the mountain lion. They are "inquisitive and curious" animals, Swenson said.

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Swenson said there were not similar reports in the neighborhood at the same time.

Mountain lions typically stay at high altitudes but track their prey, which includes deer, to lower elevations in the fall and winter.

"They follow the deer herds around," Swenson said.