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Movies, makeovers, manicures, oh my

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Kamas resident Lorri Sargeant never thought when she opened a video rental store 16 years ago in her small town that it would turn into what it is today. The Main Street Salon, Spa, Tanning, Videos and Boutique in Kamas keeps growing, branching from videos to tanning, then to a salon and spa, and most recently a clothing boutique for women.

"Not a lot of businesses can work in Kamas," Sargeant said. "We are a bedroom community, and a lot of people commute so they don’t spend their money in Kamas. That can make it really difficult to know what will work and what will not."

That did not deter her.

Even though Sargeant said starting each new venture comes with its moments of doubt and fear, she still always dives in. But she wasn’t always so rooted to Kamas. The born-and-raised Kamas local traveled with the U.S. Ski Team for 15 years before settling down and buying the video rental business.

"I had no idea where I would evolve to," she admitted, "but that’s been the fun part. You just start growing in a different direction, and then you have to be willing to step out of the box to think what could work."

The salon, Sargeant’s first real moment of branching into new territory, started after her sister-in-law approached her looking for a space to cut and style hair. Since Sargeant had gone back to school to receive aesthetician and nail technician certificates, she decided to push the idea farther.

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The mother of two said her reasoning for moving back had more to do with coming back home. She wanted to offer a place for women in the community to work.

"When I opened, the goal was to empower women, to offer them jobs," Sargeant said. "When I started, that was my goal."

After overhauling the store, moving the video rentals to the back and combining the tanning with the full service spa and salon, Sargeant waited to see if the idea would stick.

"The business took off," she said. "Our timing was perfect."

The same store 16 years ago would look nothing like what Sargeant has put into the space today, adding walls, new flooring, shifting around rooms to give each componenet of the business its own foothold.

The same seems true for her clothing boutique, which opened at the end of last year. The idea came from jean parties, where friends would get together and take a look at new styles to buy, that a friend hosted in her store.

"There is nowhere in Kamas to buy this type of clothing," Sargeant said. "I wanted to be trendy, and the reaction has been great. Everyone who has come in has been very excited about it."

Her next goal is to get high school students in the area aware of what she’s offering, going so far as to stock the high school colors.

"I’d like to draw people in from all over," she said. "I’m hoping to get my name out there, to get people to come in and shop."

Main Street Salon, Spa, Tanning, Video and Boutique

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