Music and art meet at ‘Sea of Holes’ |

Music and art meet at ‘Sea of Holes’

Submitted by Park City Concerts

This Friday, Aug. 6, a group of all-star musicians will gather to perform a full night of Beatles music at Harry O’s and to conduct a costume contest for those who dress inspired by the Fab Four.

As part of the weekend’s Arts Festival theme, artwork will be created throughout the evening by Utah artist Gary Swanson. The night is being called "The Sea of Holes," a title from the Beatles’ animated classic "Yellow Submarine." A portion of the night’s proceeds will go to the Wasatch/Summit County Children’s Justice Center in Heber City.

The Beatles tribute band, Revolver, is made up of musicians from bands playing at Uncle Uncanny’s Music Festival Aug. 13-15. Members of Spirit, Labcoat, Junior & Transportation and Dead Members Anonymous have spent months preparing for what will be the group’s first major performance. The show is being jointly produced by Park City Concerts, who brought last weekend’s Irish Music Festival to Deer Valley, and the producers of Uncle Uncanny’s.

The Children’s Justice Center is an exceptional program contributing major advancements in the field of child abuse investigations. The program provides critical assistance with investigations involving sexual abuse, physical abuse, child homicide, domestic violence related child abuse, abductions and shaken baby syndrome.

The Center is located in a neighborhood setting, decorated like "grandma’s house" and designed to help children feel safe and comfortable during the interview process. Children visit the center for about one hour while investigators from law enforcement and child protective services meet with the child and their parents to obtain statements and provide support. In many cases, those visit are the only time a child has to be interviewed as the courts accept the video as legal testimony during the trial process.

In other states, children have to re-tell their experience as many a dozen times to attorneys, law officers and the courts. Crisis intervention, advocacy, and referral services are provided to help the family cope with the aftermath of abuse. Through the coordination services of the Children’s Justice Center, involved agencies work together to promote the "best interests of the child" in prosecution and protection proceedings.

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Members of the Park City Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department and the County Prosecutors have all been invited to enjoy the evening and support the Children’s Justice Center.

The cover charge for the evening is $5 and doors open at 9 p.m. Harry O’s is located at 427 Main Street. For more information, go to , or call Toby at (801) 661-1888.