Music outreach touches everyone |

Music outreach touches everyone

Imagine life without music. Imagine going to a nightclub and dancing to silence. Imagine watching the "Star Wars" films without the thematic John Williams score. Imagine a world without concerts.

Music has the ability to enhance and enrich almost any event and work of art and the main goal of the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera’s education and outreach programs is to give people the opportunity to experience professional music making and to have that enriching element in their lives, said Paula Fowler, director of education and community outreach for Utah Symphony | Opera.

"At the same time, we hope the outreach programs inspire them and hope people will become music-makers themselves," Fowler said during an interview with The Park Record. "We want to make sure people have this opportunity in their lives in an approachable way.

The Deer Valley Music Festival is the perfect summer vehicle for the USUO’s education outreach, Fowler said.

"Educational events have always been a part of the Deer Valley Music Festival," she explained. "We always try to figure out every year how we can partner with other groups in the community to build on the concept."

One of those partnerships began a few years ago when the USUO hooked up with the Emerging Quartets and Composers program sponsored by the world-renowned Muir Quartet.

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"They had existed in Park City before the Deer Valley Music Festival and also were in existence at Snowbird before that," Fowler said. "When Utah Symphony | Utah Opera made our way to Deer Valley, we learned about the program, and the Muir Quartet and enveloped them into the festival."

During the Emerging Quartets and Composers sessions, the Muir Quartet works with two young semi-professional string quartets for three intense weeks.

"They work on traditional repertoire, but also perform premieres by two emerging composers," Fowler explained. "We opened their events to the public to give people an idea of what it takes to become a professional musician, and we found that some of the best-attended events are the master classes."

During the sessions, the Muir Quartet works with the young string quartets, and listens to their performances.

"Then the Muir players take the performances a part and analyze to help the younger players learn how to improve their already pretty impressive musicality," Fowler said. "It’s a way for the USUO to invest in the future of wonderful orchestral projects, as well as giving great projects to great composers and a young string quartets, and the public is able to watch this process."

A master class with the Muir Quartet will be held today, Wednesday, July 27, at the Utah Conservatory, 1612 Ute Blvd., at 4:30 p.m. The public is invited.

Also, on Saturday, July 30, at 1 p.m., a free Emerging Quartets and Composers performance will be held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 4595 S. Silver Springs Rd., by the 7-11 Blue Roof.

Another development over the past few years is the emergence of the various summer music camps for junior high and high school students that take place the same time the Deer Valley Music Festival runs, Fowler said.

"That works for us as well because the symphony musicians and guest musicians can make visits to the camps, and some of the camp students can attend our concerts," she said. "Also, the USUO can hold workshops and public performances during the camps for these young musicians."

One such performance will be held Aug. 2, at 3 p.m., in the Park City High School orchestra room with 16-year-old Marié Rossano, winner of the 2010 Junior Division of the Stadivarius International Violin Competition. The public is also invited.

"The thing I love about this event is the fact she’s is 16 and is the age of the students in the summer camps," Fowlers said of Rossano, who lives in Seattle, Wash. "I think the students will relate to her and be inspired by her because they are the same age, and she is a professional musician.

"We love having young people come to the concerts and get excited about professional music making," she said. "The education and outreach program is a way to invest in great future players."

As part of the 2011 Deer Valley Music Festival Education public events, the Muir Quartet will hold a free master class session at the Utah Conservatory, 1612 Ute Blvd., Suite 207, today, July 27, at 4:30 p.m. On July 28, classical and jazz trio Time for Three will hold a performance at the Zermatt Resort, 982 W. Resort Dr., Midway, at 4 p.m. An Emerging Quartets and Composers performance will be held July 30, at 1 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 4595 S. Silver Springs Rd., and on Aug. 2, violinist Marié Rossano will perform at the Park City High School orchestra room, 1750 Kearns Blvd., at 3 p.m. All events are free and open to the public. For more information, visit