Nancy Garrison – District 2 |

Nancy Garrison – District 2


I am a 10-year Park City resident and proud parent of two Park City School District graduates. When our family moved to Utah we selected this community because of the excellence of the school district. Immediately, I began a long involvement with our schools by volunteering at student events, fundraisers and for faculty and student recognition programs. Currently, I serve on the District’s insurance committee to evaluate cost-saving measures related to employee benefits.

I see several opportunities for the district to restore its national recognition, financial stability and positive employee relations; and that’s why I am running for the Board of Education. I look forward to contributing my background in human resource management, non-profit board leadership and education as a Park City School Board member.

My expertise in employee relations and compensation was developed working with major publishing companies, governments and in my own business. Prior to that I earned a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. This is relevant as 86 percent of the District’s expenses are employee-related; and addresses the District’s need to rebuild employee morale following the uncertainties of the budget crisis. Through my work on numerous community boards of directors as president, co-chair and seated member, I have learned to make tough, strategy-focused decisions for mission-driven organizations with limited funding. This is pertinent as PCSD faces conflicting priorities and decreasing income streams. Further, I am the only District 2 candidate who has an education in education — having recently completed a Masters in Education. Finally, my background as a group facilitator will allow me to be an effective board member able to respectfully negotiate diverse perspectives. The challenges facing the PCSD requires disciplined, collaborative thinking and solutions developed through compromise and a positive perspective. My skills are well matched for accomplishing this work.


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