New barber shop in Kamas |

New barber shop in Kamas


After working in nearly every kind of salon from high-end to chain-store franchises, Rose Lemon has settled into a cozy barber shop on Kamas’s Main Street. She charges $10 a cut and offers a couch and a pot of coffee.

Some locals have pointed out her name, Miner’s Mane, is ill fitting for Kamas. She doesn’t need a history tutorial. She was born and raised in Park City, her father was born in Marion and her great uncle was the Lemon of Lemon’s Grove down the hill from Francis.

For the past 15 years she’s worked in and run her own salons in Wasatch, Summit and Salt Lake Counties.

There are curtains hanging from the window, but the Miner’s Mane is an old-school barber shop with aftershave and talc powder. The walls are lined with art and antiques reflecting hunting and mining. Leaning against one wall is a piece of wood from her grandpa’s barn to remind her of him.

"It’s kind of in your blood when you’re raised in a small town," she said. "You get a soda from the drugstore and go see a movie in a small theater."

Park City isn’t a small town anymore at least not the one in her memories. She writes cowboy poems and country songs that reflect her nostalgia. When she walks up and down Main Street, she has trouble remembering what the buildings used to be. So when she decided to return to her roots she chose Kamas.

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"It feels like home," she said. "It feels good having a business here."

Lemon trims beards and mustaches without charging extra. You won’t find her pushing product either. She carries no retail so when she gives advice about hair care, people won’t question her motives.

She operates Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Miner’s Mane has been open about two months which is long enough to start seeing repeat customers.

She invites old friends to come in for a cup of coffee to reminisce, but she also caters to busy men who want a quick cut.

"Men don’t like fancy places and they don’t want to walk in and smell nail polish," she said. "Some guys don’t want to talk. They want to sit down, get a hair cut and leave."

She doesn’t take appointments, it’s walk-ins only for men, women and children.

Lemon said she understands the people in Kamas, and so far has received a warm welcome. People wave and holler good morning that’s what she moved there for.

Heber-resident Jeff Carson was in chatting with Lemon last week. He said she’s the best barber he knows. Whenever he finds out she’s moved he finds her new location.

"She’s an incredible barber and a great, great person," he said.

Lemon said she knows all the modern hairdos like faux-hawks and Caesar-cut fades, so there’s no reason for young people to be afraid of the barber shop moniker.

Miner’s Mane

Walk-ins only from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

30 North Main