New Catholic-themed school ready to begin |

New Catholic-themed school ready to begin


Trinity Academy, the classical, liberal arts school teaching in the Catholic tradition at 2024 Sidewinder Drive, will begin classes Aug. 23 with three classrooms and four faculty members.

Eight families have signed on with the academy with children in preschool to the fifth grade.

The school will have two full-time teachers and two teaching assistants.

One of the three founders, Deirdre Teodosio, said textbooks have been ordered, math and reading programs have been chosen, and all three are confident the school will offer a "curriculum that’s different from what’s out there," she said.

Bridget Breen is one of the teachers. She said she’s excited about the mission of the school because it teaches children to think outside the box from a young age. The curriculum will help them develop spirituality, creativity and nurture them become the best adults possible.

"There’s a focus on things that other schools wouldn’t pay attention to, or even see as necessary, like virtues and morals," she said.

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This month’s virtue is "kindness," founder Emily Ozog said.

"Everything will be focused on that and we’ll study some saints who were examples of that," she said.

Breen said she’s happy the school takes an orthodox Catholic position and will give proper care to every student.

"It’s not just Catholic in name, but in all aspects. I also liked the size of the school and the one-on-one attention. I’m happy to be part of this awesome experiment," she said.

The school is 2,500 square feet and split in half for a preschool area and classrooms for older students.

Grade-school children, regardless of age, will learn about the greatest thinkers of the past 2,000 years, founder Shannon Lozano said.

The academy’s focus on history, literature, art and culture will be divided into four periods. Students will spend one year learning about the ancient Greeks and Romans, then another year studying the Medieval Ages, then another on the Renaissance and Enlightenment, then another on modern times with special attention paid to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, Lozano explained.

That’s heavy learning for small children, but Lozano said the key is to teach history as a story. She never understood or liked history as a child, but learned as an adult that her teachers were emphasizing dates and names instead of the excitement of the stories.

Teodosio said this kind of approach also makes it possible to include Catholic history and the achievements of the saints.

As a classical education, there will be an emphasis on the primary sources instead of textbooks interpreting the primary sources for you, Lozano. That’s part of the school’s mission to teach children to think critically and master logic and rhetoric.

The play area in back of the school is covered in wood chips with a ball hoop, climbing dome, swing, seesaw and sand box.

Mass will be offered weekly. Tours are given upon request. The school has rolling enrollment. Call 565-1878 or email .

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