New club brings old Hollywood-style, diverse music |

New club brings old Hollywood-style, diverse music

There’s been some murmuring on the grapevine for the last few weeks about what was happening with the private club, Celsius. If you’ve heard actor Danny Masterson bought it and is the new owner of the space, you’d be partially correct — there are actually two more owners. Ryan Heil, one of the managing partners, said Masterson is involved, but can’t say much more than that without clearing it with Masterson first.

Downstairs, appropriately named for its location, won’t officially open to the public until Nov. 21, Heil said. In the meantime, it’s hosting posting private parties and preview nights on Fridays and Saturdays. The preview nights aren’t closed to the public, Heil said, but the events taking places are usually parties built around some hosted event. Heil said he encourages people to come check it out now, but also to look forward to the grand opening to the public. For now, the downtime gives them time to work out the kinks and train staff members. Also, it allows people to "discover the place on a slower, more organic level," Heil said, as opposed to "everyone trying to file in on one single opening night. For more information about private parties the general manager can be contacted at (435) 729-9049.

When designing Downstairs, Heil said they "shied away from a lot of the conventional motifs and design elements that you’ll find on Main Street." Instead, they opted to bring an old, classic Hollywood or lounge feel to the space, but still modern and high-end.

"We created a space that will be warm, friendly and inviting," Heil said, "but also serve multiple purposes."

Of those purposes, live music is high on the list. Heil said Downstairs has the second largest stage on Main Street (Harry O’s claims first place) and world-class sound and lighting systems. He said they wanted to bring entertainment from their resources to the local level for Park City residents to enjoy. Heil said Downstairs is going bring a wide, diverse variation of national and local bands and DJs performing live. He said there are also plans to monthly activities, such as dedicated jazz nights showcasing best talent in Utah. Another idea is to create a rock and roll karaoke night with a rock and roll cover band performing live. Heil said locals will actually be the lead singer of the band and sing-along to their favorite songs. The main thing they’re trying to get away from with Downstairs is having the same act at the same night every week at the same location. "We want to mix it up," Heil said.

All the owners are Park City residents. Heil said he’s been a resident for the past five years and says that he’s almost exclusively based out of Utah during the winter. "I love to ski and be part of a smaller community in the winter-time," he said. Other times during the year, he divides his time between Park City and New York City.

"All three of us," he said, "have been heavily invested in bars, lounges and restaurants in New York, L.A. and Miami for the last 10, 12 years independently of each other." After Celsius packed up shop, Heil said it opened up ideal business situation for them. With all their outside experience, Heil said they have a well-thought out business model and they’re highly confident that they’ll be successful for many years to come — so confident that they extended the lease on their space.

With all the star power and glitz, Heil said he doesn’t see their entertainment connections putting them ahead of other clubs and bars in the area.

"We’re not trying to compete with the bars that are on Main Street for their audience," Heil said. "We’re trying to bring even more people to Park City so that everybody can benefit. We’re very committed and we’re members of the chamber and we’re committed to our business creating a positive effect up and down Main Street."

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