New commissioners looking for smart growth in the Basin |

New commissioners looking for smart growth in the Basin

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will return to full strength with the addition of three new members who will help draft a new General Plan and steer the direction of development in the Basin. New Commissioners Colin DeFord and Martin Kingston both said they have been interested in planning and becoming more involved in the community for some time and are hoping their ideas and diverse backgrounds will help.

Chuck Klingenstein, who has previously served on the Park City Planning Commission and Park City Council, was appointed to serve a full term after being appointed to fill Sibyl Bogardus’s unexpired term in July. He has a background in land planning, growth management and pre-development planning and was awarded the Meritorious Planner award by the Utah Planning Association.

DeFord was appointed to a three-year term and has lived in the Pine Ridge neighborhood for five years. He works as a technical producer for television shows with his Park City-based company Fat Brain Group, L.P. After attending numerous Planning Commission and Summit County Council meetings, DeFord said he saw an opportunity to act as an intermediary between the two groups.

"I could tell there was frustration on both sides and from the audience in the meetings who did not understand why the Planning Commission was making the decisions they were," he said. "I think we can bring everyone together and foster and widen the dialogue."

DeFord has not served on a Planning Commission before but said that getting a project through the system, "is not about feeling and emotion, it is about making sure the project fits the County Code."

As the Planning Commission begins to develop a replacement for the CORE development plan, DeFord said he wants to be a part of the process and help mold the county with smart growth.

Kingston was appointed to the remainder of Julie Hooker’s term which expires in 2013. Kingston has lived in Highland Estates for nine years and works as a consultant with Kingston Consulting. He said he has been interested in joining the Commission for awhile and finally had the extra time. He has previously served on a Planning Commission in Washington.

"I have wanted to be on the board and was always too busy but I am really glad I finally have the chance," he said. "I have a planning, business and consulting background and have worked with local governments before. I think I can bring a breadth of experience to the Commission."

Kingston said that while the Commission has a lot of work ahead of it, he thinks the community is maturing and the formation of established interest groups is allowing more residents’ voices to be heard by the Commission.

"I think having a level head is important for the Commission and we need to make sure we continue to follow due process and incorporate various interests into the decisions," he said.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission’s next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 28 at the Sheldon Richins Building at 6 p.m.

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