New cult classic? |

New cult classic?

Greg Marshall, Of the Record staff

Congrats, "Rats."

The Slamdance drama "City Rats," about eight odd Brits who meet on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, scored a distribution deal in the United Kingdom last week, two days before its premiere at Treasure Mountain Inn.

Director Steve Kelly interrupted shooting a film abroad to attend the festival. "From the beginning, Slamdance was one festival we really wanted to come to," he said Monday evening. "You’re now in this incredible town with audiences who are willing to take risks."

The film, safely classified as experimental, follows eight lonely people. One character, Dean, played by Ray Panthaki, loves to recite bad poetry in public. Other characters delve into the lives of handicapped prostitutes and throw watermelons from roofs to test the effect for potential suicide.

Panthaki has been to Park City with a film once before and said he is more familiar with the grind of junkets and promotion than he was when he first visited in 2003.

"All the characters are connected," he explained, "even if they never meet each other."

MyAnna Burning describes the challenges of shooting an independent film in London in stark terms. "No money and little time," she laughed.