New director says locals wanted at Golden Door Spa |

New director says locals wanted at Golden Door Spa


The Golden Door Spa inside the Dakota Mountain Lodge at The Canyons Resort has a new director: Park City resident Scott Cowdrey. Formerly an assistant director overseeing fitness classes and salon services, Cowdrey is familiar with the spa’s mission and would like to see more locals taking advantage of what it offers.

Having previously worked for several companies in town managing hair and nail salons and leading spin classes since 1993, Cowdrey said he’s familiar with what Park City people want from a fitness and wellness center. The Golden Door can meet those needs, he said.

In its 51st year, the Golden Door has always been a destination spa at its other locations. They wanted people to completely surrender themselves for a week or more to the spa’s programs. Sitting at the base of a mountain resort, the Dakota Mountain Lodge was the perfect location for a Golden Door because trainers can incorporate the environment into the experience, he explained.

But the Lodge serves three types of clients: destination visitors, hotel guests and locals. Hotel guests want a quick massage or manicure; the spa easily adjusted to those needs. Cowdrey said he was selected to take over management because his skill sets are well suited to catering to locals.

"It’s what I’m most excited about," he said.

A membership means this elite, exclusive spa can become a Park City resident’s fitness club where they work out regularly and have access to the complete property. It includes discounts on many of the spa’s and hotel’s other services as well, he explained.

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Cowdrey said he’s recruited the best trainers in the area for his classes, which are included in the membership. From experience, he knows people here want trainers that are high-touch and produce results. With small class sizes, great facilities and mountain trails just yards away, his staff can deliver that.

As a destination spa, the Golden Door company has found that the social experience is something that brings guests back again and again. Therefore, new spas are built to facilitate and promote a social experience. That makes Park City’s Golden Door a great place to come for business meetings or to hang out with neighbors, Cowdrey said.

His local-membership list is full of the same street names, he said, because clients recommend the experience to neighbors, who end up attending classes or getting services together.

"It’s a social club," he said. "It’s not just ‘work out and leave.’"

Only 200 local memberships are available, he said.