New doctor takes over Park City Dentistry |

New doctor takes over Park City Dentistry

Dr. Cory Calderwood is the new dentist at Park City Dentistry in the Snow Creek Plaza. Photo by David Ryder/Park Record

Many people have had the experience of "going to the dentist" and having staff take X-rays, clean your teeth and talk about oral hygiene. Then after sitting a few minutes, a strange man with a mask briefly looks in your mouth with a pick, says you’re OK and leaves.

Did you really see the dentist?

Dr. Cody Calderwood is new to Park City, but he understands the needs of people here. Like any good professional, he believes that if you come to his office to see him, you should see him.

For example, he does all the cleanings himself. That’s right; there are no assistants or hygienists doing all the real work. Patients see him the entire appointment.

He doesn’t fill his chairs with as many patients as possible and then float around glancing in mouths. Calderwood schedules patients so there is no overlap. That means there’s no wait. If someone has an appointment at noon, they’re seen at noon and given his full attention.

His office is also full of up-to-date technology that saves his patients’ time. CEREC equipment allows him to create crowns while the person is in the chair instead of sending the work out and waiting two weeks.

Patient Claudia Price was in his office about two weeks ago for a root canal and said she was very impressed that everything could be done in the same day.

Digital X-rays and top-of-the-line software also minimize the time patients are waiting, he said.

Calderwood moved to the area from Colorado Springs, Colo. where he was an associate in an older dentist’s office. Originally from Sandy, he wanted to return to Utah and contacted a broker to keep his eyes open for him.

The owner of Park City Dentistry on Snow Creek Drive next to the Park City Market was in ill health and was looking to sell. After meeting with the owner, Calderwood said he recognized that their philosophies on dentistry and patient care were similar. He was also impressed by how well the office was run by the staff.

He purchased the practice a few months ago and the only change he made is the addition of himself.

"The staff worked like a well-oiled machine," he said.

Marilee Bitner, the office manager, said she’d been working in dentistry for 30 years and spent half of those at Park City Dentistry. She said she’s been impressed by how gentle Calderwood is with patients. Price agreed:

"It was a pretty comfortable situation. He was gentle and took care of problem," she said.

Brook McEntyre in Colorado Springs worked with him there and said the same thing.

"He’s a great man. His bedside manner is terrific. He’s easy to talk to as a patient and as a boss – a nice guy all around," she said.

Calderwood said that’s something he prides himself on.

"You want to find a dentist you feel comfortable with," he said.

In addition to the high-tech tools he uses for quality treatment, he has many of the other amenities people have come to expect from a dentist: televisions in the ceiling, nitrous oxide, oral sedation for dental-phobics and mercury-free fillings.

In addition to the active life-style here, Calderwood said he also was excited about practicing in Park City because people are interested in oral health here. In many communities, people neglect their teeth and dental care ends up consisting of very basic measures to repair damage. In places where residents care about their teeth, he explained, a dentist can do more of the things they were trained for, like cosmetic dentistry.

With two children of his own, Calderwood said he’s good at working with patients at any age, with any needs.

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