New dog-park locale considered |

New dog-park locale considered

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

City Hall is making initial moves that could allow dog park to be built at the Quinn’s Junction recreation complex, seen as a likely spot for the facility after another location was scrapped because it is too close to neighbors.

Matt Twombly, who is City Hall’s parks planner, in a report released this week, asks the Park City Council to consider changing the overall plans for the recreation complex. That is needed before a dog park could be built.

He describes a two-acre site just off the road to the Park City Ice Arena. The land sits a little bit east of the fields complex. In the report, Twombly says the spot is roomy enough, there is enough parking planned for the site and a road planned there bars a playing field from being built but would allow a dog park.

Twombly says building the park could cost between $30,000 and $50,000, to pay for fences, sprinklers and drinking fountains, for people and dogs.

The City Councilors are scheduled to discuss the dog park at a meeting on Thursday. It is set to start at 2 p.m., with the talk about the dog park tentatively scheduled for 5 p.m.

Twombly says he wants the City Council to clear him to pursue a dog park at the site.

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He says a dog park would not debut until spring 2008, at the earliest, depending on whether the city’s Planning Commission grants the approvals needed. Staffers would not file an application until the elected officials OK that step.

Matt Galvin, the chairman of the city’s Recreation Advisory Board, supports the location, saying its size is adequate and it is easy to get to.

"It’s a challenge to find a place where people will utilize a dog park and (it) would not create a nuisance," Galvin says, noting the site is far away enough from neighborhoods but people can get there on the city’s trails. "It avoids conflicts with potential other users and neighborhoods."

The talks about a dog park return to the City Council after a dispute erupted in the spring about another location. Then, City Hall considered land on the edge of Park Meadows, near neighbors. The people who live nearby were leery of a dog park being built there and successfully lobbied against the location. The City Councilors backed off the site after hearing testimony from the neighbors.

Dog-park supporters, like the members of the Recreation Advisory Board, say a park would be popular and could cut the number of loose dogs in the city. Many dog-owning Parkites now bring their pets, off leashes, to City Park, the field outside the Park City Library and Education Center and onto trails. The city’s leash laws are only sometimes enforced.

Galvin says a dog park will assist the efforts to curb roaming dogs.

"Finding a solution to off-leash dogs, this is part of it," he says.