New eats on Main Street |

New eats on Main Street


Reyes Adobe, the newest Mexican restaurant at 710 Main Street, opened last Friday with a mission to serve authenticity.

Robert Reyes grew up in Southern California watching all the men in his family carefully cooking steaks for dinner after work. The infusion of world cultures has created some amazing flavors for meat, and he loves them all, but authenticity has been suffering, he said.

Even "traditional" Mexican dishes are often influenced by the French, German and other European cultures that were involved in Mexican history for the past 200 years. Hardly anyone knows what original Mexican flavors taste like anymore, he said. The kind grandfathers mix in the backyard for a grill and mothers stir in bowls for the dinner table.

So Reyes opened his own restaurant in Park City. He’s no newcomer to the business. He’s been an entrepreneur too long to remember when he started. As a child he bought guppy fish and resold them to friends for a profit. The second of four children, Reyes said he always loved having his own money.

At age 14 he got a job washing dishes in a Beverly Hills seafood restaurant. He was a fish in water there after growing up seeing all the women in his family cooking pastries in the kitchen and men with meat out back.

"Most of my friends went into construction for part-time jobs; I felt I was born to work in the restaurant industry," he explained.

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the time he reached his 30’s, he began noticing he was the "go-to" guy for saving failing restaurants or opening new locations. His bosses would tell him to open a new location and he’d be there six months training the general manager and staff.

"I realized I have what it takes and it was time to look for better opportunities," he said.

Now 44, Reyes didn’t jump straight into ownership. He got a sales job in Salt Lake City with Nicholas & Co. expanding the food supplier’s customer base among Hispanic businesses. The year he left, he’d brought in $3.6 million in new customer sales.

"When opportunity knocked in Park City, I felt very confident I knew the inside and outside of this business," he said.

Reyes can boast 30 years of experience in the supply side, the kitchen and in customer service. Also, he knows how to cook a good steak Mexican style.

Reyes Adobe opened Friday, Sept. 18 and serves lunch and dinner.