New exhibit focuses on the abstract |

New exhibit focuses on the abstract

Submitted by Julie Nester Gallery

Julie Nester Gallery is pleased to announce "Abstraction," a group exhibition of abstract paintings. The exhibition will run July 2-27, with an opening reception on July 2 from 5:30 until 8 p.m.

The four artists participating in "Abstraction" are Aileen Chong, John Dempcy, Amber George and Silvia Poloto. These four national artists bring a nice range of styles and media to the exhibition.

Silvia Poloto is mid-career artist from Brazil. She has built a career around her colorful, vibrant, abstract paintings that combine geometric shapes with graffiti like markings; solid shapes with bold outlines. In her latest body of work, the palate has become softer and the layering more transparent. Bright line markings sit atop layers of resin, wax and paint. Poloto describes the work as "depth itself, inspired by life" with a resulting look that occupies "the space between chaos and tranquility".

John Dempcy is a mid-career artist from Seattle. Colorful, circular-shaped elements dominate his paintings. The work has a very organic feel with a reference to science and microbiology. In the paintings, circular shapes swim in a viscous looking stream of color. In some paintings the circular shapes appear to be cross-sections of cells, in others the circular forms look more like sections of trees or underwater plant forms. While Dempcy’s paintings rely on the repetition of the circular form, the arrangements are varied and random as if the paint was captured while in a state of motion. The process of capturing this sense of movement is integral to Dempcy’s process. In describing this, the artist says, "An integral aspect to my process is allowing the paint to flow and mix. I base my work on nature, and letting the nature of the paint do its work is crucial. My role is to define the idea and composition, paint with some skill, then allow the nature of the paint to do its thing."

Aileen Chong and Amber George are emerging artists whose work is exhibited nationally. In total, the work from these four artists comprises a very strong grouping of abstract work that is well worth a visit to the gallery.

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